as if 911 wasn't enough, mcveigh alive???

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    rumormill news....pure speculation,[banghead][banghead][dunno]

    Had no idea "we" were questioning ok city...( 4/11/2002) old news....
    Could Still Be Alive!! Witnesses Report Seeing McVeigh!!
    Reports are streaming in that Timothy McVeigh, convicted Oklahoma Federal Building bomber, is still alive! Rumors first began appearing on "Newsgroups" that McVeigh was not dead. Many sited that his eyes were open when he was pronounced dead. McVeigh received lethal injection, with one of the chemicals being sodium penathol. It has been reported by some of those in the patriot and militia movement, that sodium penathol makes it impossible to keep your eyes open as it induces sleep. One such report coming from an individual known only as "" says that this is proof that McVeigh is still alive. Though disputed by many, including medical experts, Freedom insists this is not true. Many of Freedom's posts can be found on newsgroups as alt.conspiracy,alt.binaries.activism.militia, misc.activism.militia, world order, and others. The reasons that McVeigh was not executed are many. Including foremost that he was a government agent that purposely blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building to discredit the militia movement. Many site that this objective was indeed obtained. The militia movement around the U.S. has decreased dramatically and ranks have shrunk to an all time low. Some say that the reports of McVeigh being alive and being a government agent are just a way to arouse interest in the militia movement and a shameless attempt to enlarge it's ranks. We were skeptical that McVeigh was alive at first, as we know of many instances where people have died with their eyes open, and one of our members routinely sleeps with his eyes open. He states that he trained himself this way after being repeated beaten with a frying pan by his wife after falling asleep. "A fellar can only take so many broke knee caps" said militia member BuddyBob Pervus. But is this proof that he was not executed?
    Now reports are of McVeigh being seen around the country are coming in daily. We have reports of McVeigh in public and some of those with him in obvious disguises. One such photo shows McVeigh and Elvis. Don't laugh! We have heard reports that Elvis actually dropped out of public site to rejoin the Army and has been on many clandestine missions. It may be that Elvis supported his massive drug habit by agreeing to do covert missions for the Army. In fact McVeigh and Elvis may have been on many different missions together. Some say he may be the John Doe #2 that was reported. Photo proof below. If this is true, it may be that the UN/NWO/Amish Alliance (click for details) has an entire network of individuals that are supposedly dead, but still alive and working for them. Our network has found that McVeigh may be headed to Lancaster. This is probably to take refuge at one of the Amish Army Camps where McVeigh will probably be reassigned.
    Is Elvis John Doe # 2?
    Elvis and McVeigh?
    We tried to contact President Bush with our evidence. Once again we were put off. Probably because Bush was out of the country meeting with Russian President Putin. We even tried to contact President Bush while he was in Slovenia meeting with Putin, but we were told he could not be disturbed. We were able to find out that Bush and Putin were having am impromptu "thumb wrestling contest". It is little known Bush is a "Thumb Wrestling Champion" and it was reported that his scholarship to Harvard was indeed for thumb wrestling. Some White House Officials have reported that Bush still practices everyday and that many times he is found at his desk "just twittling his thumbs". Even high ranking Democrats have admitted that "Bush is all thumbs". We do have a photo of Bush after defeating Putin at thumb wrestling and Putin said that he was impressed with Bush's thumb strength. "I had heard that he sits around all day with his thumb up his rear end, but I thought it was a joke." Well Mr. Putin, that thumb came out and now you know the power of Bush's thumb.
    Bush celebrates "Thumb Wrestling Victory" with congratulations from Putin.
    More McVeigh sightings will be reported as they come in. Until then, "Stay Alert, Stay Vigilant".
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    Oh My now what do we do?[dunno]
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    [LMAO] [LMAO] [LMAO]
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