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    So here's the deal. My current employer wanted to pay me a base salary and then require me to work 60-70hrs/wk for 3 months out of the year without proper compensation. I said no, so I negotiated with them to work on a contract basis.

    So in a sense, I'm losing my "job" but moving to a much more flexible scenario. As such, I'm looking to pick up some web Development (NOT design; Development and design are polar opposites, I can explain further if interested) in ASP.NET/C#. I can even do some desktop stuff of the utility kind of thing, but my primary focus is Web Dev. I would even consider a consulting gig. $39.50/hr (NY is not cheap to live in) for straight up development work. Consulting gigs I will try for a flat fee.

    As an aside, I would consider some webmaster type of stuff "fix this css thingy.. fix that javascript widget, update this content on this page" or general maint. on any ASP.NET site. It's not my personal ideal and I can probably flat rate that too unless I think I'm going to lose my shirt on the gig; and typically speaking, lots of times a minor tweak means something else could go BOOM, especially if one doesn't know the system through and through. Pople think since you're a programmer, you know how everything is assembled just because you stared at some code base.. I wish :)

    In any case, if anyone knows of anyone looking for some .NET work to be done.. here I am :)

    Resume' upon request.
    NOTES: Been developing websites/apps since 2004. MS C# MVP 2007-2008. 4 years of telecommute experience.
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