First Amendment Assault On Freedom Of The Press

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by Yard Dart, Feb 19, 2014.

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    A new assault on freedom of the press | Fox News
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    Unbelievably worse yet, I heard on talk radio today "Obozo the magnificently Inept", is planning to put monitors with reporters and in broadcast newsrooms. Seig Heil Obozo!!!
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    He thinks he's riding sheep. He's apt to find out the sheep is really a tiger, hopefully soon.
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    Not that I doubt it but is there a source for that?
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    This is, unfortunately, going to happen. When? Who knows, but it will happen and most likely within the lifetime of the majority of us and almost assuredly in our children's lifetime. Things like this will continue to happen up until 51% of the country has had enough. By that time, however, it may very well be too late. I personally don't subscribe to the fact that it's already too late, although many seem to.

    The current incarnation of our government bears little to no resemblence to that envisioned and outlined by the founders. Just look at all the "motivational posters" with quotes from John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the like. The last thing they wanted was a national government that spied on and attempted to control every facet of the citizen's life. Death by a thousand cuts is death nonetheless and this is just one more way that the country we know, the country we love, the country that some of us have fought for and in many cases died for is being systematically disassembled, subverted and destroyed.

    Mark my words, people will have to die before this gets fixed and even if it doesn't get fixed because it can't. Whether it be by revolution or rebellion or the police state beginning to kill people for their own reasons, there will be blood and it will be bad.

    Let me be perfectly clear: I am not advocating anything.
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