Assisted opening knife...Switchblade?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by stg58, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. stg58

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    There are quite a few "Assisted opening knives" being advertised and they sound like good old fashioned switchblades.
    Many of them are from S & W known for their LEO business but they sell the assisted opening knives.

    Does anyone know if these are classified as switchblades?
    Might be, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck...

    Knives - Smith & Wesson
    The Black Ops 4 series is part of Smith & Wesson’s M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening knife line. Just a small nudge of the flipper or thumb stud opens the knife.
    M&P 2nd Generation M.A.G.I.C. Assist 4034 Stainless Steel w/40% Serrated Drop Point Blade w/Liner Lock Black Aluminum Handle w/Rubber Outlay, Side Safety Lock, Thumb Knob, Finger Actuator & Glass Break. Lenght 8.5" open, 5" closed.

    *You must be 18 years or older to purchase any knife. Any knife that is shipped shall require an adult signature on delivery. It shall be the purchaser's responsibility to determine any local restrictions concerning the purchase of knives and to comply with all applicable laws. Smith & Wesson Corp. will not sell or ship any knife in any state or other jurisdiction where prohibited by law. By purchasing or ordering any knife you represent that you are of legal age and agree that you will take full responsibility for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and other restrictions.
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  2. Tully Mars

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    I *think* the thumb stud is how they get around that. At least that's the word from the LEO in the family...
  3. tulianr

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    It may come down to how an individual cop or department, or DA, wish to interpret state law. Pocket knives are fine here, and North Carolina statute defines a pocket knife as "a small knife, made to carry in a pocket or purse, which has its cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by the handle, and that may not be opened by a throwing, explosive, or spring action."

    I asked a cop friend of mine, here in NC, where he came down on spring assisted opening knives, and he pointed out the last part of that phrasing prohibiting certain types of knives - "spring action" and indicated that it opened up some potential problems of interpretation. To my knowledge, the issue hasn't been wrestled in court yet, at least not in our state; and until statutes are written to cover spring assisted knives, that's going to be what it takes.

    I think most judges would agree that a switch blade must open automatically, at the press of a button or switch, and throw the case out, if such a case got that far. Until various state laws are amended though, to take these knives into account, it could be a murky area.
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  4. ghrit

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  5. Pax Mentis

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    Since the opening is only "assisted" by the spring and one still needs to actually move the blade with the thumb (as opposed to merely pressing a button) I (and my local sheriff) come down on the side of not a switchblade.
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  6. melbo

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    This is how we've interpreted it too although I'm not really a fan of assisted or switchblades for edc.
  7. HK_User

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    Best I can say is, DO NOT have one in your pocket at the St Louis Arch. The Feds list them and have a picture of mine at the security line.

    I had to get out of line and bury mine outside. Then dig it up a couple of hours later.
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  8. HK_User

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    Then again, out by yourself, working stock or putting out hay an assisted knife is one of the handiest items I have, except for a sheath knife.
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  9. tacmotusn

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    I had a razor sharp large gerber a lot like the knife pictured. There was no spring, and the thumb button action wasn't like any of the many switchblades I carried overseas. It took some serious wrist snap to whip the blade out and lock it. It was good for what it was. I wish I still had it. Some damn cop in N.O. is probably using it today, but I didn't go to jail as threatened.
  10. HK_User

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    Subway Cops in NYC will bust you.
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  11. melbo

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    OT but... after waiting a few hours in line with my family to visit the Space Needle on 'free day', I realized I had my G-19 in my man purse.
    I won't go into details on clandestine carry in the Needle but I did make it in and up to the top.
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  12. HK_User

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    I look at events such as yours as "Training" in the real world.

    Reminds me of the time when I was in a state capitol and entered a "history" section.

    DPS ask, what's in the Fanny Pack? Ripped it open and said and showed, an APPLE. Well it did have an apple as well as other items. Then I ask "Say it's hot out side, can I stay and rest a bit?

    Later that day 3 suspicious folks tried to surround me at a Park Bench/Bus Stop. You know the trick, one coming in behind me to hold me down against the back of the bench and the other two doing a flanking maneuver on either side.

    Not a bit worried I got up and drifted away from them then stuck my hand in the Bianchi Fanny Pack and stared at them.

    Funny, they all left.

    It's all about the training and confidence in that training.
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  13. melbo

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    I used something similar to your apple trick - slight diversion and right on through. Note that this does not work at the Smithsonian in DC as of a year ago... Had to U-turn out of the DHS line and hoof it back to my hotel. We got back to security and my then 6 yr old daughter says to security guy "My Dad is not a criminal"
  14. Yard Dart

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    I was sitting in a pre-construction meeting in the Columbia Tower in Seattle. As they were going through the building safety requirements, they expressly did not allow weapons of any kind within the building, including CC due to all the fed agencies occupying the building. The doors are even posted at each entry (though I had never noticed them nor cared to look. I just shifted a bit in my chair and said ooop's to myself. ;)

    I visited one building recently and as I walked up to the front door to be let in, I noticed the metal scanner and FPS guard. So I went back to the truck to discard a couple of things. The guard met me at the front door when I returned and just smiled, he knew.
  15. HK_User

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    Yup, I still do that at the USPS Bldg. OTOH my state now, only ask, that you let them know you have a CC and only the House meeting areas are off limits.

    The USPS public areas are soon to be OK for CC, but since they've never had any signs then I'll wait a bit, well at times I might forget. Just depends.
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  16. HK_User

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    Likewise, except I was setting in a private office when the "Boss" began to rant about CC and those that had them.

    I sat there, yawned and then wondered what she would say if she knew that every time and place she saw me I carried!

    Ahh , that's OK She's got a lot to learn.

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  17. techsar

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    This is an excellent reason to know the laws where you are going. Switchblades and assisted opening knives are legal in LA as long as you are not committing a crime while in possession of it.

    BTW, chances are pretty good that cop is already in jail ;)
  18. stg58

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    In my state the sign taking away the second amendment in certain buildings must be 5" X 7" and many are little stickers not even close to 5 x 7 and sometimes not at all entrances.
    I may have taken a small tape measure along to establishments I frequent. :)

    Business owners can prohibit their guests and invitees from carrying concealed weapons on property they own or lease. In order to do so, the owner or occupant of a property must post a sign that is at least 5 x 7 inches and is located either in a prominent place near all of the entrances to the part of the building to which the restriction applies or near all probable access points to the grounds to which the restriction applies. While the law does not require that specific language be used in or on the sign, at a minimum, a sign should inform individuals that concealed weapons or firearms are prohibited on the premises.
  19. HK_User

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    Unless you need to go to a Federal Bldg then all bets are off.
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  20. Pax Mentis

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    First they would have to deal with whomever has me at gunpoint to get me into that city...

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