Asteroid 2012 DA14

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    So this asteroid is supposed to pass about 17,000 miles from Earth on 15 Feb.

    Do any of you monkeys suppose the PTB/.gov would not lie about an impending impact on Earth? If they did, how long could they keep a lid on it?

    I do not suspect this one will hit us, someone would have already figured it out and spilled the beans. But what are your guesses on how long before impact would the general public get informed?
  2. Tracy

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    They would not tell.

    Panic would ensue.
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  3. kellory

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    They would not need to tell anyone. Every kid with a telescope would have a jump on them. Astronomers would spill the beans, about ten seconds after they officially named it after themselves. There are dozens watching the skies every night, unless it is too overcast, and even then they may try the Hubble, if they can get on.
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    Well, I'm thinking that there is a chance that the 46m rock may get to play space pool with some sats. It's going to be inside of the geostationary ones. I'm picturing Major Kong riding the bomb (asteroid) w00t!
  5. kellory

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    They have already plotted the path, and it should miss everything involved. Early detection is everything with these missiles. The further out they are spotted, the less deflection is needed to clear us. They even have a mission discussed, to paintball asteroids with dry paint, that would give a solar sail effect, to push them off line with sunlight. But they must find it, and launch fast enough for the push to do any good. This method should work (small scale) where a bomb would cause it to break up and still hit us. They do watch the skies closely.Deflecting asteroids with paint balls
  6. Byte

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    Don't need a telescope. Watch DC traffic cams...when the city becomes a ghost town we'll all know something's up!
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