ATF Classifies Chore Boy Pot Scrubber Pads NFA Firearms

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    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Firearms Technology Branch has deemed “Chore Boy copper cleaning pads, along with fiberglass insulation,” a firearm, subject to registration and a $200 transfer tax, an official letter obtained recently by Gun Rights Examiner reveals. The response to an attorney inquiry by John R. Spencer, Chief, Firearms Technology Branch, offers one of the more creatively restrictive assessments since ATF declared a shoestring to be a machinegun.

    The rationale Spencer uses:

    A silencer is a firearm per U.S. Code, subject to National Firearms Act registration and transfer tax requirements.

    Sound/gas absorbing materials manufactured from Chore Boy copper cleaning pads, along with fiberglass insulation, constitute a silencer…

    Therefore, it is illegal for an individual to replace deteriorated material within an already- registered suppressor without an approved ATF Form 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm,’” along with a “$200.00 making tax” and “a ‘no-marking’ variance…since there is no viable area in which to apply a serial number to the sound-absorbing material.” Read more
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    Good Lord. Time to make your own packing by drilling holes in plate and saving the swarf. "Rebuilt, officer? No, bought it this way."

    I hope that one goes to court. Asinine to the nth degree.
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    I think they are intentionally trying to destroy the economy. This will shut down even more jobs, shut down more plants. Asinine is a weak for for this rape of sanity.:(
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    This is clear evidence that the current misadministration and their non-eleceted Department leaders are truly insane. Rampant Liberalism has killed the last shred of common sense their brains once possessed. We are led by a horde of utter mental incompetents. o_O
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