ATF rule change that basically kills the reloading scene?

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    That is the report here...

    As reported on Ammoland, a sudden ATF rule change promulgated entirely without warning in a newsletter has reclassified a critical component of smokeless powder as a “high explosive.”

    The problem is that there are very strict rules governing the storage and transport of high explosives, and the ammunition supply chain is totally unprepared to suddenly comply with those rules.

    Overhauling the ammunition supply chain to accommodate those rules will be a long and expensive process, which would be bad enough news for ammo prices. But the knockout blow is the fact that the industry was given no warning and zero grace period, so they’re just screwed, because as of yesterday they’re now in sudden violation of federal law.

    is a longish article so here is the link...

    Breaking: Latest ATF Surprise Could Drive Ammo Prices Through the Roof -
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    V for vendetta, and sod their bloody arses!!!
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    Another fiat law. You need nitro to make ammo, and now you have to store it in a secure magazine, specified by the gov, maintain inventory records, transportation records, and use regulations, etc and have no grace period to meet the requirements and like the "export" law on making firearms, another way to meet the requirements of the UN's gun laws that the Senate hopefully will never pass. They have tried to limit the importation of weapons and ammo as much as possible, limit gun smithing and modifications and new manufacturers entering the field and getting rid of all the old ones they can by limiting their access to capital, allowing state laws to over ride federal law, enforcing petty laws in such a way that even if you win, they break you, etc. Vote against Hitlery or in 8 more years you will either have lived thru a revolution, or have to dig up your guns to shoot them.
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    A test run

    NRA-ILA | ATF Delays Any Changes to Nitrocellulose Regulation

    Earlier this summer, ATF released an Explosives Industry Newsletter that changed the agency’s treatment of nitrocellulose, the primary component in smokeless powders used in modern ammunition. This change had the potential to seriously disrupt ammunition supply in the United States because it changed a long-standing ATF policy that exempted properly “wetted” nitrocellulose from treatment as an explosive under federal law.

    NRA and industry raised these concerns to ATF and any change in ATF’s treatment of nitrocellulose is now officially delayed. In an addendum to the earlier newsletter, ATF announced that it “will conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose. In the interim, previously authorized industry practices concerning wetted Nitrocellulose will not be affected.”

    While the addendum doesn’t indicate that ATF has permanently abandoned this change to nitrocellulose regulation, smokeless powder manufacturers will be permitted to continue normal operation, at least for the time being. NRA will continue to work to ensure that any future change to nitrocellulose regulation will not affect ammunition supply.
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    Well shit, there goes ping pong! The rat bastard are going to ruin my chances of becoming rich and famous on the pro ping pong circuit...
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