Atlanta Knife Show in early June.....

Discussion in 'Blades' started by BTPost, May 30, 2011.

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    If your into knives, and live in the Southeast, you need to make the Atlanta Knife Show, in early June. The best custom BladeSmiths, in the World, will be there showing their latest wares. If you looking to buy, get there, EARLY, as most of the really good knives will be gone, if you are not first in the door. If you do make it, Look up my close Neighbors, Adam and Haley Desrosiers. <> They will be there and have some great blades, to show, and sell. ..... YMMV.....
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    They have knives at gun shows, but do they have guns at knife shows, too?
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    Bump.... It is this weekend.....
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    News from the Atlanta Knife Show......

    News from the Atlanta Knife Show...... My close Neighbor, Adam DesRosiers was granted his Master BladeSmith Certificate on Friday, by the American Bladesmith Society. His wife Haley, earned her Journeyman BladeSmith Certificate as well. Then on Friday evening, Adam and Haley were awarded the annual "Best in Show" Award for their Knives, presented to the ABS. I had a chance to see these products as they were being made, and I figured they would be good enough for the Certificates, but I had no idea that they would be "Best in Show" awarded. I guess this means I will NEVER be able to afford one of their knives, NOW.... Oh Well, it is nice just to know, that they did WELL....... Congrats to the Desrosiers.... Way to go.....
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    Adam and Haley are good people and great knife makers.
    The Blade Show is amazing!
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    The Blade Show is so cool, we went in '05 and it completely tore us up to walk that whole thing so many times in three days! I have bad feet and probably won't do it again but I met so many knifemaker it was really inspiring.
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