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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by FrancisMarion, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Any one know anything about the quality of these rifles? I recently shot one and no hiccups or other problems. Seemed unusually loud though. Is that typical of 5.45? Any info would be greatly appreciated. When my girlfriend found out about my new obsession she said "...but you already have an AK..." I looked at her and said "You've got two of the same shirts hanging in the closet. One in white and one in black." She responds "I think im finally catching on." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Im speechless. But I see good things in my future!

    thanks again everyone. Merry Christmas to all.
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    They are great AKs. The reason that they are so loud is the muzzle break. If you remove it and replace it with a flash hider they will not be near as loud. Just make sure that the length still meets the minimum and that you do not violate the U.S.A. required parts count per BATF regs.
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    thanks for the info E.L.
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    Hope I helped.
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    The Polish 5.45 with the grey finish?

    It works, I've tried to make it fail.

    They went cheap on the stock... said it was black plastic and they just painted the read furnature.

    -Kinda ticked me off.
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    This is the one I would go with, or contact Will at RedJacket Firearms.

    I have a Tantal that I built myself, very nice smooth rifles. The brake is similar to the standard 74 brake, but longer and designed to accommodate rifle grenades. It really just depends on if you want the folder or not. Worst case scenario, get a fixed stock version and order in the stock separate. They will swap out easily.
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