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    Atlas is a web application to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges. You can search by fingerprint, nickname, country, flags and contact information and be returned information about its advertised bandwidth, uptime, exit policies and more.


    I'm taking this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Iain R. Learmonth, or just irl on IRC. I began contributing to Atlas in June last year, and I'm currently serving as the maintainer for Atlas. We have made some usability improvements to Atlas recently that we are happy to share with you today.

    Thanks to the work of Raphael and anonymous contributors for their help in producing patches. We will continue to work through the open tickets, and if you have a feature you would like to see or spot something not working quite correctly, please do feel free to open a ticket for that. If you would like to contribute to fixing some of our existing tickets, we have a new guide for contributing to Atlas.

    Improved Error Handling:

    • Added a new message to warn users when the Onionoo backend is unavailable [#18081]
    • Added a new message for the case where Onionoo is serving outdated data [#20374]
    • No longer attempts to display AS or geolocation information when it's not available [#18989]

    UX Improvements:

    • Added tooltips to give descriptions of the meaning for flags [#9913]
    • Made it easy to distinguish between "alleged" and "effective" family [#20382]
    • Removed the graphs for which the data backend will never have any data [#19553]
    • Graphs that have no data, but which may have data in the future, now give a "No Data Available" message [#21430]
    • Relay and bridge fingerprints will now wrap when on smaller screens [#12685]
    • Tooltips are repositioned to avoid them being clipped off on smaller displays [#21398]

    Standards Compliance:

    • Now HTML 5 compliant according to the W3C Validator (including generated HTML) [#21274]

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