Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?

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    This is from a mass email it wasn't sent to me specifically.

    Following is a message from John Aglialoro, Producer of Atlas Shrugged.

    “I’m personally writing to ask you to help get the word out about the film… something for our mutual love of the work of Ayn Rand, and appreciation for how her ideas have changed our lives for the better. This weekend, ATLAS SHRUGGED: WHO IS JOHN GALT?, the third and final part of the trilogy, will be released in almost 300 movie theaters across America. I wish it were 3,000 theaters, and that we had tens of millions of dollars for advertising, but that would be wishful thinking.

    The movie needs awareness to succeed in changing and opening minds. The left hopes no one goes to the theater this weekend. They don’t want their own collectivist mentality compared with Rand’s belief in the individual. They do not want her integrity of though to reach the sunlight. The result of their philosophy is the message of ATLAS SHRUGGED: WHO IS JOHN GALT? and it shows quite clearly that force “for the good of all” is a hell on earth for mankind.

    That is why the movies are constantly shunned by Hollywood, the majority of the press, and the universities (of all places!). As we know, ATLAS SHRUGGED the book sells roughly 200,000 copies yearly without their support. However, too many people do not read her books, but would be drawn to see the movie starting on the September 12th weekend if you helped them to make the decision.

    And that is my request to you… this moment in time is precious. Please use the time to call and email your friends and relatives to get to a theater this weekend and the next… make it a cause. A cause for the sake of yourselves and those you love.”

    I have seen the first two installments in the trilogy and have been awaiting this final one. They haven't gotten a lot of attention. I see A S mentioned frequently on here. I would hope that many would get out, see and support the film.

    The following is a review and comment on Rand that I share. While I enjoy Atlas Shrugged and respect the anti wealth distribution message, I do not endorse Rand herself. She is often held up as an ideal of conservatism but her politics and world view would be hard to define in a modern context of conservative principles. Her ideas of strict individualism and not "living for the benefit of anyone else" do not serve as a model for a truly constructive society. I respect individualism but taken to it's extreme, with a "me only" sense it can be quite destructive. As evidenced in Rands miserable and depraved life. To live in some manner for others is to work for the good of all. If the founders of our nation had of been of this strict "me only" mindset we would never have secured this nation.
    We all must, even outside of Christian tenets, live in some degree for others if we want to improve the status of all.

    Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant, very familiar with the destructive nature of the Marxist ideas of collectivism. Her mantra was “Individualism” and not living one’s live for the benefit of others. She was an Atheist and very immoral except within the boundaries of morality she created in her own imagination. Many years ago I came across a movie (THE PASSION OF AYN RAND) about her and rented it home for viewing. I would say it did a very good job of portraying her personal morality as well as the utter depravity of her life. It certainly portrayed her as empty and vacuous, having left a trail of destruction as the fruit of her life and ideas.

    Being a Christian, I probably view Rand’s ideas as doing a little more harm than good. While I do believe it important to see people grow up with an ability to take care of their own needs and preferences, the concept of not living one’s life for the benefit of another is certainly contrary to the teachings of Jesus. To the movie’s credit, it did reference the difference between “charity” which is always through voluntary actions versus by government by force, or I might add, societal peer pressure.

    If one can keep the bad ideas of Rand at arms length, the movies and book are worth the time. However the Davy Crockett story, NOT YOURS TO GIVE or A HUMBLING LESSON, are far better examples of the ills of re-distribution of wealth.

    One more point of interest. The movie alludes to the importance of a nation’s currency being based upon gold. There was once and perhaps still is an Ayn Rand Society with many of its members (I believe they were called Randians) considered to be gold bugs. However, one of their high ranking members departed from the sound money faith and became a devotee of fiat currency. His name was Alan Greenspan the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
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    It opened in theaters on the 12th.
    I posted a blurb on my G+ page to garner support.
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    I like her economic views. I make my own determination on morality.
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    I have seen part 1 & 2. Loved them and can't wait to see the 3rd. I will look for a local theater.
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    I enjoyed both installments and will go see the third one this weekend.
    Interesting note, Netflix lists the Atlas Shrugged movies as Science Fiction rather than Drama or Suspense.
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    Atlas shrugged, was required reading for my wife, before I would marry her.
    I believe I have read all of her books.
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    I'm right there with you!! Loved 1&2 can't wait to see #3!!
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    OK so who saw it? was it as good as the first 2 and did it wrap up nicely?
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    This above and also I want to go on Friday and am thinking of bringing someone who hasn't seen 1 & 2. Will they get "it" if they go and see #3?
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