Attacking OUR Freedom To Protest

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    Big brother is everywhere now and punishing all anti-establishment behavior. hangman

    George W likes to claim that global terrorists are out to attack America because “They hate our freedoms.” But we’re learning that it’s really the Bushites themselves who hate America’s freedoms.

    Retired Army Col. Ann Wright and one of America’s leading peace activists, Medea Benjamin, have recently felt the bullying hate of the Bush regime. Both women have been very vigorous practitioners of our freedom to speak out and assemble in opposition to government policies, using these freedoms to protest the war in Iraq. They’ve put themselves on the line and been willing to undergo several arrests for their nonviolent civil disobedience.

    This is as American as the 4th of July. Yet Wright, Benjamin, and civil libertarians everywhere were stunned to learn last August that Bush’s FBI has suddenly turned this misdemeanor into a weapon of political intimidation, using it to bar the two women from traveling to Canada… and perhaps to other nations.

    When they tried to visit Canada, Wright and Benjamin were detained by Canadian customs officials and told that their names were on an FBI no-entry list. Even though this list is meant to stop fugitives, potential terrorists, and violent felons – not peaceful protesters – they were told that they would have to apply for “criminal rehabilitation” and pay a fine if they ever wanted to enter Canada.

    Unintimidated, the women have since tried to re-enter, this time at the invitation of five members of parliament to come speak to that assembly. Yet, Canada’s officials have bowed to the Bushites, honoring the FBI’s no-entry list, rather than respecting their own parliament. The FBI refuses to say why non-violent protesters are on a terrorist list.

    Chillingly, the U.S. media have ignored this story, but you can learn more about this blatant assault on our freedoms by going to

    “US Peace Activist, Retired Col. Ann Wright, Detained at Ottawa Airport,”, October 25, 2007

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    “Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People,”, September 20, 2001

    found at
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    Don't think anybodies getting off said list any time soon...
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    I saw Col. Ann Wright being interviewed on one of the news shows quite awhile ago, and she sounded like a NUT CASE!

    Anyone/anything associated with "Code Pink" and/or Cindy Sheehan has no credibility, at least in my opinion.
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    You may be correct.

    But if we keep allowing the rights of others to be trampled on because we don't agree with them, then who will be there when they come for us?

    Divide and conquer, is their stratgey and it is working real well.

    I don't agree with many, but I do respect the rights of them whom I disagree with. Isn't that the whole idea of the Republic that was founded by the old guys? Or are we getting into a selective Republic where if you get labeled a 'nut case' by a select group, then your rights are not something to be defended.

    Soon the Ron Paul (soon hell, they already are) supporters will be defined 'nut cases'. There are quite a few here who support Ron, myself included. Are you going to label us, and say that our rights are not worth your support, and that whatever happens to us is OK?

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    I have said many times the best way to defend your rights is to defend the rights of someone you disagree with. If everyone would do that we would be in a whole lot better shape. But everyone wants to denigh people that they disagree with their rights. This IMHO is one of the main reasons we are in the shape that we are in.

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