Attempted Murder Vegas Commentator/Silencing Conspiracy Continues

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  1. UncleMorgan

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    Gary Holland, a radio commentator who has been speaking out about the Las Vegas terrorist attack(s) was the victim of an apparent attempted murder. The police refused to investigate the incident.

    An arranged automobile "accident" failed because Holland was alert. His vehicle's steering was obviously sabotaged. The mechanical "failure" absolutely could not have happened without malevolent human assistance.

    The coverup hit list stands at five, that I know off. Holland would have been number six.

    Failed Attempt To Silence Key Las Vegas Massacre Media Figure?Analyst Narrowly Escapes Car Crash
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  2. Dunerunner

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    this has all but disappeared form the news... In this short time, no one cares any more. Hard to believe that police won't investigate a hit and run...
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    The guy who does End Time News Report on YT has had several tires punctured and slashed with knives and several other nasty events happen to him since he began investigating the LV Massacre. Stepping on Big Brothers toes usually gets psychological and physical actions taken against anybody who crosses the line. Be careful!!!
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    This might have been a warning...and it might have come from others who are not involved in the cover up. What I am saying is organized crime. They want Las Vegas back to normal and this was very bad for business. I don't know about others here but I sure as hell ain't going to Vegas so some copycat yahoo can see if he/she/they can get a higher body count. Anyway, it is another possibility because if you want someone killed seems you'd ensure it would happen...but thinking about it from their perspective...if it kill him, great. If it injured him, good because he would be off the case. If it didn't work, also good because he got the message...
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  5. Dunerunner

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    Now, that ^^^^makes sense!! That, and of the victims in that attack. I wonder if anyone is looking into the Jack Reacher scenario. Were any of those killed somehow associated with land development in Vegas, or have any connection to any of the casino operations at some high level?
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    Still waiting for Chell to chime in with his asinine claim that you are now claiming cars murder people, and not the mafia, corrupt police (is that redundant?), etc., like he did me when I pointed out that two more people who were looking into the LV shooting were murdered in an arranged "accident". Look at all the pro-gun legislation that failed in CONgress and around the country just BEFORE the LV shooting and how much heat they were getting that has now stopped.

    Dunerunner, look at EVERY time gun control stalls and then look at the shooting that happens EVERY time right after that. You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to look at that and say "EVERY TIME gun control stalls/fails, with in days there is a false flag shooting or other left wing nut shooting up the place!" because it is a fact!

    Or look at EVERY person who signed off on the JFK official lie and what happened to them. One became Prez, one a Supreme Court judge, etc., etc. After 52 years they STILL can't tell the truth!

    Well, OK, after 120 years the sinking of the Maine and most of the Spanish-American War is STILL classified Top Secret! Makes you wonder what happened it is STILL not safe for the sheeple to know!

    Or the MLK FBI files that are STILL classified (sealed by court order for 75 years after death!), but then look at what his minions are putting out as "tell all" books (safety hidden in libraries where the stupid and senile can't find them) so you can understand why the gov't doesn't want the sheeple to know the truth and put an end to the criminals.
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  7. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    If there is anything more certain than death and taxes, it's that if the government wants you to know the truth, they'll tell you a lie.

    It's funny how the truth is always what they want you to believe.
  8. crowdaddy

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    "The coverup hit list stands at five, that I know off. Holland would have been number six."

    I heard about the couple with the towing co. in LV dying in a "fiery crash" in front of the house in California, but have not heard of the other 3 cases. Who were they, an what happened?
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