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    Immigrants Arrested Two Days After ID Proposal Passes

    POSTED: 1:59 pm EDT June 6, 2007
    UPDATED: 6:25 pm EDT June 6, 2007
    <!--startindex-->NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Federal agents arrested at least a dozen illegal immigrants Wednesday, two days after the city approved a program to make municipal identification cards available to them, city officials said.

    Jessica Mayorga, a spokeswoman for New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, said officials were notified by family members and community groups that as many as 30 people were arrested.

    Kica Matos, who oversees the city department that assists immigrants, said most of the arrests were in the city's Fair Haven section, home to many immigrants.

    Paula Grenier, a spokeswoman for the Boston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, confirmed that immigrants had been arrested in a routine fugitive operation in New Haven but said she did not know how many.

    She said all of those arrested had been ordered deported by judges and were considered fugitives. They are in ICE custody and will be sent back to their home countries.

    Mayorga and Matos said they believe the raids are related to the Board of Aldermen's 25-1 vote this week to create all-purpose municipal identification cards, which will allow illegal immigrants to open bank accounts and use other services that may be unavailable without driver's licenses or state-issued identification cards.

    "Just two days ago the Board of Aldermen approved this resolution, and today we have the federal government terrifying New Haven residents and taking people away," Matos said. Grenier said the raids had nothing to do with the city's approval of the ID program.

    "These are routine fugitive operations," he said. "We have teams deployed all over the U.S." Supporters say the ID program, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, will help keep the city's estimated 15,000 illegal immigrants safe.

    If they can open bank accounts, they will not need to carry large amounts of cash, a practice that makes them easy targets for robbers.

    New Haven has been more welcoming to immigrants than many places, offering federal tax help and prohibiting police from asking about their immigration status. Mayorga said police did not assist with the raids because of that policy.
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    That is bull crap. There is no reason to harbor illegals. That town should be blown up, along with all the other people who want to help out the illegals.
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    New Haven has a super fine harbor. That should be saved --:sneaky:
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    perhaps they( la migre')should rent a stadium to hand out undocumented alien id cards (with oneway tickets printed on the back side) , hell; throw in a pig bbq too.. then open the roof for the transport helicopters stacked up above to land/load and fly one way south...
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    Homeland Security picked up a load of 'em from the prison yesterday for deportation. Maybe they won't come back.
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