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  1. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing stomach / midsection pains. I know I should not have put it off this long. However, if you resided in Cambodia, you would know why I did. After visiting a hospital as a patient, you have a better chance leaving dead, than you do alive.

    It finally got to a point where the pain would not subside. So I had no choice but to seek medical attention. This was a couple of days ago. We made an appointment to see a former landlord, who runs a medical clinic here. He practices medicine. Is he a licensed practioner? Honestly, I have no idea. I have never asked. With the doubling over I was doing at the time, I figured he would either help me, or kill me. I didn't care which at that point.

    He gave me a shot, a pain killer. He then took a bit of blood to test. After receiving the results, he told me I am a diabetic. But, he had not mentioned fasting 12 hours prior to a blood test. Shouldn't that be the case? Either way, the results are below for my stomach issue, and blood sugar.

    I am hoping the results are seriously scewed due to not fasting. I have fastest overnight and will go directly to the lab today, to request another blood test.

    If you are a diabetic, or otherwise feel qualified to answer, could you offer input here, please? Truthfully, I am scared.

    Not that it makes a difference, but, I am 52, not 54.

    2018-10-09 21.13.01.

    He has addressed the gastro problem. I am on meds for it now.
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    Praying for you man, I've been tested for diabetes so far normal blood sugar levels.
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    @Asia-Off-Grid 569 is dangerously high :( :(

    it can be elevated after a large meal but not that elevated

    please get checked out right now, no time to waste (y) (y)
  4. techsar

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    Hope they caught it before ulcers of a recovery to you!
  5. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    That's why I am here. I trust the members more than medical staff here.

    I also know I consumed a lot of sugary drinks prior to that blood test. I normally do not do that, but was on a sugar kick.
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  7. oil pan 4

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    I don't think it's ever supposed to be that high even after you eat.

    My dad was about that high when they found his.
    But I don't think stomach problems where his biggest issue.

    Find some with a blood sugar test kit and try theirs.
    Their stuff may be all messed up.
  8. sec_monkey

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  9. chelloveck

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    Come to Australia as a refugee...and get your health issues sorted gratis.

    Seriously though. I had been tested for diabetes (and cleared). The test required fasting and a glucose tolerance test (which was vile tasting). Blood glucose test

    I can recommend to you the Diabetes Australia website for general information about diabetes. Diabetes Australia
    though you should probably consult professional medical practitioners who have the technology and resources to do a proper job of testing.

    Depending on the severity of diabetes, it can be managed by diet and lifestyle choices in less chronic cases. Even if diagnosed with insulin dependant diabetes, its not necessarily a death sentence. My mother has been insulin dependent for some 46 or so years, and although it can be a pain (in belly / thigh / hips - (rotate injection sites)), it is much better than the alternative and she is still chugging along well into in her 80's. The key to living with insulin dependent diabetes is self discipline in diet, lifestyle, self testing and medication. Chan should also be part of that management process if you are properly diagnosed with Diabetes she will need to know what to do if you have a hypo, or have a hyper reading, and you are incapable of taking the necessary corrective action.

    Australia is in the trials stage of developing an artificial pancreas About – Australian Artificial Pancreas Program The results look promising, and if it can be brought into commercial production, it will transform the lives of many diabetes sufferers.

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  10. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    Well, Paul, I'm sorry to say that your life has been permanently changed

    I found out I was diabetic due to an infection. High blood sugar levels (among other things) will take bacteria that is normally on everyone's body and let it grow faster than the body can fight it. Yeast is one example - every one has it, but to a diabetic it can get very serious. I've had two surgeries for yeast infections and both were in the scrotum. Guess what, the scrotum is the place a male diabetic is most likely to have yeast get seriously out of control. It grows fast - the size of a pea one day and the size of a chicken egg in 1-2 days. I can also get a skin infection just from the sweat working on a hot day, especially if I push myself too hard. Other infections, like from a splinter or a cut can send you to the ER as well if you don't get RIGHT on top of them NOW.

    What to do about it?
    • Get a glucose meter and use it
    • Cut out as many carbs as possible. There is ZERO difference to blood sugar levels between sugar, flour, or rice. NONE.
    • Even a very low carb diet will result in high blood sugar levels.
    • See your doctor about medication and follow it.
    • Weight loss and exercise can help quite a bit

    Aside from infections here are some sucky parts
    • You can lessen the symptoms, but it will never go away
    • The high sugar levels in your blood are analogues to not changing motor oil. The high blood sugar levels score you veins and arteries making it easier for plaque to stick. It also destroys the capillaries starting in your extremities so you eventually lose sensation and may not realize you have an out of control infection in a foot until it's too late and your new nick name is stumpy.
    • Your blood is also thicker so it damages your kidneys due to the higher pressure required to filter out the urine
    • The high blood pressure will eventually start to cause eye damage and can result in blindness.
    • Your favorite body part can also be affected...
  11. My wife had problems with pancreatitus, excruciating , what killed Beethoven. Inflammation of the pancreas. Opioids and alcohol will exacerbate the problems. Can you locate where your pain is. I think Jo's was also in her back near her kidneys.. I would only wish that on my WORST enemies. I really wish you the best. Just try to eat moderately, follow a healthy diet. Find a medic you can trust. Oddly enough I think one of the diets suggested was high in rice.
  12. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Monkey+++

    All good advice ^^^

    Praying for a speedy recovery, brother.
  13. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++

    Paul, have a complete and speedy recovery! Look into taichi to help with diabetes too. While all taichi can be helpful healthwise, the ones with more weight shifting and waist turning can help specifically with diabetes. It certainly wouldn't hurt to add it to whatever else you are doing.
  14. Bandit99

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    Having lived in the land of witch doctors, I don't know if I would completely trust their diagnosis; however, I do think where there is smoke there is fire - meaning - the blood test probably isn't 100% accurate but something is obviously wrong. Best thing now is to get someplace and confirm the diagnosis and, of course, immediately change your diet.

    I got to go get a check-up in November and not looking forward to it...
  15. Big Ron

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    Time for you to do some thinking about what you eat n drink. Soda is poison. 5 grams is a teaspoon, typical soda can has 38 grams of sugar. White rice is bad also. I read it was 100 on a scale of 1 to 100. Exercise and lose weight. 130 is a reasonable number. 200 or so right after a meal is normal, but it should drop in two hours or so. when you wake up it should be around 100 or a bit below. If you have a big gut, losing that will make a big difference.
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  16. runswithdogs

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    Infections, viruses etc can spike your blood sugar but probably not that much. You need to get a propper test done to see what your 3 month average is which gives a better idea where your at. Then get a glucose meter so you can track at home.

    My dh was diagnosed diabetic about 5 years ago, drs said nothing you can do, plan on taking pills for the rest of your life etc.

    Well hes no longer diabetic. As in at all. And hasent been for years. Normal blood sugar levels.
    Drs pissed (aperently they dont want you to fix yourself??? WTF?)
    Look into ketogenic diet. Dr Jason Fung & Dr Ken Berry (they both have lots of good info on youtube)
    Ill get some sites for you later when I have a few minutes
  17. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    First, thanks for all the input and advice.

    My last injection of the pain killer was yesterday. Pain is back with a vengence.

    A medical facility with foreign doctors should be open tomorrow. Will tty to hold out until then. Hopefully, this can be properly addressed then.

    Thanks again, to all.
  18. duane

    duane Monkey+++

    Hope you are feeling better. Ignorance is not bliss, I get really nervous and upset when I don't know what is going on. Hope you get it all sorted out and it was just a bug and too much sugar before the test.
  19. SB21

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    Good luck AOG,,,diabetes runs in my family , so far I'm ok, but im at my age,, im expecting it to start popping up. I hope you're able to find yourself a good doctor over there.
  20. arleigh

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    You have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, and it's now biting you back .
    If you had some one you've invited into your home and then starts robbing you what do you do ?
    Now he has invited a friend and things are only going to get worse if you continue to do nothing .
    the friend is sugar. and his friend is the FDA . Modern medicine has no interest in curing you , they make no money on healthy people.
    The abuse you've put your body through is going to go a long way in supporting the medical community.
    I have lost a wife to a diet of chips , dead food . and sugars.
    I care for a friend I take to dialysis every other day, largely because all her life was in the care of modern medicine and all the garbage they prescribed for her clogged up her organs . She has several stents for her heart and numerous other issues. She is a retired government employee so she has tons of insurance and hospitals love this.
    If the FDA really cared about people ,sugar would be a controlled substance, but it is about the money ,always has been.
    Stop with sugars and dead stale foods, and add some cider vinegar to your diet .
    No I am not a doctor I have what they call common sense .
    I'm not a health food nut nor a vegan ,but I know what living food is and what junk food is and have learned to alter my diet as things change . you should get your own glucose meter and BP cuff, and PH strips, and learn how to use them .
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