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    Meat, fat, salad vegetables are OK. Avocados and olives are OK. Cheese and butter are OK as is mayo. Anything starchy (potatoes, yams, beet roots) or full of carbs like grains are not OK. It's all about getting the carbs out.

    A note on carbs - dietary fiber doesn't count as you can't digest it. Total carbs - dietary fiber = net carbs and the net carbs are what you worry about. The food you see in RWD's thread are virtually carb free.
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    The dietdoctor website above has recipes, meal plans and also some helpfull charts for visually working out what foods are low/high carb
    Visual low-carb guides - Diet Doctor

    All Day I Dream About Food | Low Carb Keto Recipes for Everyday Living (ive used a lot of her recipes, very good )
    Headbanger's Kitchen - Keto All The Way! (indian food. also has youtube channel. Also look for the fathead pizza crust )
    Keto Diet for Women - KETOGASM (have only used a couple recipes of here but looks like its pretty good overall)

    If you google Keto recipes there are tons of sites that come up, id advise avoiding the ones that arnt stricktly keto food sites as they often have a funny idea what “keto” is and it to much of a headach to find a recipe that looks good till you actully read through all the ingredients (and thats asuming you already know what to watch out for) if a food tracking site (think has an app also?) that will calculate for keto and is quite handy when starting out to get an idea what your macros are. General rule if doing keto (exspecially if using to treat diabeties) is aim for no more that 20 (net) carbs a day. (Net is after you deduct fiber) less is fine, dont freak if you go over, just keep working on it (stressing over an extra 5 carbs is probably worse for you than the extra few cabs )

    Another thing to watch for, & im guessing from the way youve been feeling that this is pretty likely.
    Diabetics are very prone to yeast issues... candida, athlets foot, other yeast/fungal issues. Yeast loves the high sugar levels in your body and is very dificult to get rid of as they seem to feed each other (yeast feeds on sugar then releases chemicals into your system that make you crave more sugar/carbs/grains etc... )
    DH went through a perious when his blood sugar kinda went haywire . We finally realized the link and started treating him for yeast/fungal issues. Already had cut out the “food” but started giving him some natural treatments. The ones that seemed to work best was Oregano oil (ingested in gelcaps and whatever you do, dont bite those suckers open:sick: ) and olive leaf. Work up to high dosage and plan on treating for at least a month if not longer. Coconut oil is also good, ingested and skin treatment.

    Try to cut out all sweetners but if you absilutly must have something everyonceinawhile then Id go with stevia or erythritol. But track when using. They dont effect dh but some people do find they get a spike even with those ones. (Test have shown that just having a sweet taste in the mouth-not swallowed, can trigger insulin production in some people... which is what you want to avoid )

    Buttered or bulletproof coffee. If you drink coffee, try making it with one or a combination of butter/coconut oil/ghee instead of milk. I use a imersion blender (well I did till I killed it) or my ninja blender to zap it all together. Preferably without sweetner but a wee bit of stevia if you need it. I also add a small pinch of salt to mine and cinnamon (cinnamon is known to help with blood sugar... and its tasty)

    Opt for fatty cuts of meat , and feel free to use copious amounts of fats to cook your food in.
    I use
    Bacon fat
    Coconut oil

    If you have a good quality olive oil...I prefer to use it on top of stuff, not cook with it but you can cook with it to.
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    Thanks so very much, for your advice. Still in the city, but should finally return to the farm today.

    I would be lying if I did not say I am absolutely terrified at the moment. I have never been this scared in my life. Being treated for diabetes, the gastro infection, AND jaundice. I just cannot win. On a positive note - if there is one, it is 02:30 now and I feel physically better than I have this entire past week.

    We will go through this thread, your thread, and all videos and links, as soon as we are at the farm later today.
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    Weighed this am: 120 kg.
    Glucose meter has me now at 226, after a bit (few bites) of oatmeal.
    Not sure if it will help with the Jaundis or not. But, I am drinking a glass of Tomato juice every morning while soaking up some morning sun rays.
    Still taking meds for the gastro issue. Not much of a change there.
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    @Asia-Off-Grid please have the Boss get ya to the US or AU to get checked out :)
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    My numbers are coming down. My glucose was the most important issue at hand, after I learned of it.

    I'm going to give it the 10 days from my visit to the medical center and then look at my options if things are not any better at that time.

    Man, not trying to sound like a prick or anything of the sort. It's just that I don't want to be apart from Chan. There is no way in hell I would be able to get her to the US in any time under about 3 years, minimum. She is the reason I love living. If I can't spend my time with her, I might as well be dead anyway. Besides, she takes care of me like no other woman ever has in my life, aside from my own mom.

    I recall my trip back in 2014, to the PNW. I was lost without her there with me. And, that was only 3.5 months. If I were there for work, it would be a different story. But, with medical issues at hand, I honestly feel I am better off here with her - for now anyway, than elsewhere without her.
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    I forgot to add the blood test results after I had fasted, to show the difference in the numbers (by comparison to the results in my original post of this thread):
    2018-10-14 14.27.22.
    2018-10-14 14.29.29.
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    Keep up the good work and stay on the path that's been shown you.
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    Im no use at decypering blood test results (aside from the obvious) but theres some really knowledgable people at the keto forum I listed above that could give you some more helpful feedback if you posted the results on there.

    Knowing what I know now, if it was me I would sign up at IDM (Jason Fungs site) as a client for the program/coaching . They will know exactly how to decipher your test results, tell you what other ones to get, guide you through what you need to do, how etc... and it means you have someone that really knows how to deal with all this and treat/reverse it for less than the cost of a plane ticket.

    & sorry to tell you, but oatmeal and tomato juice... both have a lot of carbs. Whole tomatos are ok in small amounts but tomato juice will have most the fiber squeezed out leaving the concentrated carbs, & Oatmeal used to send dh’s blood sugar all over the place.
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    Eggs are good. They don't raise your sugar. Consider a fast for a day or two with lots of water to get your sugar down. Yes, I know it sucks. You can eat as much green veggies as you can handle. Salads are good, watch out for hidden sugars, like in salad dressing.
    Lifting weights, even just doing curls with something heavy will help you out. fish and meat in moderation are ok.
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    Thanks again. I am going through all of these links listed, one by one. Just get tired so easily.

    Not a lot of choices for diabetics to drink here, as far as off-the-shelf options go. I think runswithdogs posted a link to a site that had some drink recipes. My only options that I have seen here so far, are Diet Coke, Hong Soon Bird's Nest Beverage, and water. The Bird's Nest doesn't taste nearly as bad as it sounds.

    This morning's glucose level was 175. So, whatever I am doing so far, I am at least headed in the right direction to lower my glucose.

    Boy, does it!

    Been eating salads plain, no dressings.

    The Boss bought me some hand weights, 3kg each. I use them when I walk and when seated.
    Grilled chicken and a bit of steak are part of my diet. I don't eat nearly as much as I did before.
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    Dressing is fine, you just need to make your own, most store bought ones nowadays are full of suger and “mystery ingredients” :cautious:

    Olive oil or avocado oil along with some apple cider vinegar Is a easy one.

    I dont know what you have avalible there but if you cant find anything similar,.... Go to (they ship worldwide, just be aware of inport taxes/duty etc)and look for sweet leaf stevia . Its a liquid sweetner with different flavours to choose from and you can add it to things like carbonated water (lil goes a long way. 8 drops is about right for a large glass of water)
    While I wouldent go nuts with it, if you really need “something” then thats probably the best option.
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    I know and know of people that have gone on the Fresh food Diet ,and both lost weight naturally and many of their health issues diminished or disappeared altogether particularly diabetes .
    I have a study done decades ago on stale foods , revealing the fact that stale foods are a primary culprit in arterial disease. Which is the cause of the pancreas not functioning, and heart issues . the heart muscle is not fed by the blood it pumps in it's interior it is externally fed by very small arteries from a whole other direction. when these get clogged or restricted the heart has problems .
    If you can get your head around this it will help tremendously.
    Food that is aged or over cooked is dying and becoming sludge. our bodies do not live on dead tissue they live on living tissue .fact
    Consuming dead tissue provided none of the necessary nutrients you need to live and so we eat more of this dead tissue to compensate, and make things worse.
    Fresh meats are best . fresh vegetables are best fresh fruits are best ,and so on.
    the price of them is relevant to the price of gas .
    Better gas provides better mileage, better food provides more energy .
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