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    Remember how Obama said he wouldn't comne after our guns? Well, it seems like his friends in the anti-gun world, have no problem taking your ammo.

    The bill that is being pushed in 18 states, requires ALL ammunition, to be encoded by the manufacturer. This will be put into a data base of ALL ammunition sales. They will know how much you buy, and in what calibers.

    Nobody can sell ammo after June 30, 2009, unless it is encoded.

    Any privately held uncoded ammo must be destroyed by July 1, 2011. This includes hand loaded ammo.

    They will also charge a .05 tax on every round.

    If they can deprive you of the ammo, they do not need to take your guns !!!!

    This legislation is currently pending in:
    New Jersy
    New York
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina

    NOTIFY your friends, family, groups, etc.

    Here's a link to the anti-gun ppl sponsoring this legislation, and what the bills in each state contain.

    We CANNOT sleep on this one, we are still the only industrialized nation on the face of the earth, where the ppl, still can out gun the Gubment. THEY know this, and SO SHOULD YOU. You lose that 'right', and there is absolutely NO WAY to slow them down. Just look at the recent bank bailout. Over 90% of the American ppl said, "HELL NO", yet the pols voted against US.

    YOUR CHOICE!!!!!
  2. ghrit

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    Died in (judiciary) committee in PA according to No reason to expect it won't come up again.
  3. Quantrill

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    I am speachless, I don't even know where to begin to start on a rant.

    We must stand up and be counted, we cannot let these tyrants do this. There seems to be no end to their powerlust. We must raise hell, this is not the time to sit idlely by. I don't know if working through legal channels will work but, it is all we got for now. Sadly, I'll bet most American gun owners will not fight this.

    I fully expect martial law is coming. I don't know when but, I feel it is inevitable. We are just one disaster away from it in my opinion.

    I wish there was a secure place I could state what needs to happen where not just any one could read it. So much for free speach, I should not even have to wish for this, after all the First Amendment garantees it but, I know better. :censored:

    "If we don't take action now we'll settle for nothing later. We'll settle for nothing now and we'll settle for nothing later!"

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    This has dies in several states but the issue is that more and more what we as gun owners and as Freedom loving americans need to do and unite. Hunters with fudd guns and blackrifle lovers have to unite and say no more. Until that does not happen we will still get run over. Spread that word around. Educate that person that is on the fence and feels indifferent about firearms go buy a box of ammo at wally world for a 22lr and take that person out to the range and teach them safety, and most of all how fun shooting is.
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    Yes, this is "old" news, but we still need to know what the enemy is doing.

    That said, you do know that the people pushing for the law are the ones that patented the technology to encode the bullets right?

    They don't appear to be reading their email either
  6. CBMS

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    Heard this awhile ago and it was dead then, even in Kommifornia. I dont think they are bringing it back, i believe they are working on getting all guns to "Microstamp" now.
  7. toemag

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    The German's were trying to complicate things a few years back, wanted to have a bar code on every case, so that the ammo that was bought or used on a range could be scanned and made accountable to the purchaser user.

    Seriously screwy some people are, don't belong on this planet.

  8. SLugomist

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    Ok this comment will probably have the black choppers over my house, but F it.

    Any privately held uncoded ammo must be destroyed by July 1, 2011. This includes hand loaded ammo.

    We'll Destroy it alright, HA HA HA along with some ROPE to make them a neck swing set. Although tracking every round would be like tracking every needle in a haystack. Time to buy ammo and reloading supplies is NOW.

    Right on Quantrill, rage against the machine!!!!!
  9. Clyde

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    rapid movement towards unintended consequences
  10. mecdac

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    It did not come out of committee in Georgia.
  11. dragonfly

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    The bill was never even allowed on the floor in Arizona. This was an old bill that has died since....long gone here!
    My son a deputy here in Arizona, ( yup works for your buddy & mine: Sheriff Joe!)
    (gasp!) Has told me that he knew of it and it is dead.
    That 480- phone number, is a private phone from either Tempe, Az, Mesa, Az, or from Apache Junction, Az. ( probably Tempe-ASU student body!)
  12. Seawolf1090

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    Even if this nonsense was technically feasible (which it isn't), it is economically nonviable. It would increase the expense of ammo so high to put it out of reach of most shooters, and would destroy the industry (which, in the end, is exactly what the gun-grabbers WANT!).
    This garbage was instigated by two 'entrepenaurs' who supposedly own the rights to the 'technology' to do this 'ammo encoding' (so far, naught but vaporware). If made law, and the ammo companies were forced to use it, these two individuals would make BIG bucks in royalties! It is basically a money-making scam by them, using the Antis to try to make it happen.
    Now, in today's heady world of serious budget crises in nearly all states, these states CANNOT pay the price of the paperwork, increased manpower and increased beaurocracy this would entail. So, not this year, guys! [lolol]

    My big worry is something like HR45, forcing us to bow to an illegal gun licensing scheme. Screw them - a RIGHT cannot be licensed! [freedom]
  13. RouteClearance

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    Indiana's HB 1260 which entails ammo encoding and an AWB has been dead in the water since introduced in January of '08, there is no indication of this having a rats a$$ of passing in the Indiana Legislator.

    My main concern is what we are facing on the national level. For we can always move to another state that has gun friendly laws, but where could we go if these "sensible gun laws" become federal law.
  14. E.L.

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    What ammunition, I don't have any ammunition, [dunno] I would have to borrow a couple of rounds from a burgular just to shoot him.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Well, let's dream of a better time - when one million armed gun owners descend upon DC and drag the useless politicos out of their comfy leather chairs and dump them in the gutters. Totally "Nonpartisan" - BOTH parties get the boot!
    Let the fools know their services are no longer needed and will no longer be tolerated. [beat]
  16. nursgon

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    Not here in OK, too many of us gun loving Americans.
  17. dragonfly

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    Yup, what "seawolf" said!
    Maybe, "IF" they have no jobs, no unemployment, no homes, and no hopes.... they'd begin to see the light!
    But I have my druthers on it!
    One big poster, being held up by 3-5 million American Taxpayers:
  18. Brokor

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    The brainwashed people are just a slowly dying portion of the species, in my opinion. I couldn't care less for any of them after it reaches the point of TSHTF, because by then it is all too late. I hate dealing with people -they are so stupid, it takes all of my effort to keep from just screaming at them like a maniac some days. Most of the time, I just let it all go over my head, because I know that I am just looking at corpses.

    And so... I have issues.

    Folks, I don't know how to deal with the world's problems any longer, I just don't have the strength in me to keep fighting against something which cannot be stopped. This is our world changing -every single day. It is perfectly natural for change to occur, and those who cannot adapt -die. Some also call this "survival of the fittest". the best I can ever do, is just prepare for the worst -this is the hallmark of survival.

    The rest of the world will take care of itself.

    Now, as for GUN LAWS and all of this other garbage, I just don't have any patience when it comes to people who do not REMEMBER, or have NEVER KNOWN that our function as sovereign citizens, is to defend our republic...and this means defend it against its own government, if necessary. To do this -our job, we require weapons, and certain safeguards went into place early on to ensure that this will not change. It is deeply saddening to find out that our neighbors do not know the first thing about the constitution, our rights, and the fact that this document was created to keep our limited government in line. Your rights do not come from a piece of paper, you are a sovereign entity -nobody, nothing has power over you, except that which you contractually designate. Your property is the manner at which you may freely exercise your rights without doing harm to another or their property. All of this operates at our discretion. "Arms" meant "guns" to the founders of this nation -it is a remarkably pliable term, done so purposefully...because the founders knew how very easy it is to usurp power, to undermine the republic, and to make a mockery of words. We, the People were charged with the sole duty and responsibility of maintaining the republic on a daily basis...

    and we have failed.
  19. Tango3

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    Hmmmm "issues", yup me too buddy...

    , I've been "serviced" quite enough thank you.
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