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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rrand32118, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Just bought a Sight Mark model SM13003 4 pattern black reflex sight and a rail adapter for a Marlin model 60. Planned on using it at the range or plinking in the back yard as I took it to an indoor range the other day and had the damndest time with the iron sights on it, I think from the glare of the paint on the rear sight. Anyone ever used these with a .22 or know of any issues to look for in using it or dialing it in?
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    First off, I have no experience whatsoever with the mentioned sight. I can't help much there. Sorry.


    If you are trying to achieve better accuracy from aging eyes and crappy U-notch sights, there is a better way. I just installed a pair of Tech Sights military style sights on my Ruger 10/22 and they work much better with my older eyes. Peep sights are inherently better at making the eye focus. If you have had any military training at all, you will find they snap on target just like your issue rifle.

    They do make them for the Marlin 60 as well....
    Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories

    Just a thought.
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    Speed, That's pretty much my issue, thanks for the link, this thing only cost me $39 so if it doesn't fly I'll give the sights on your link a try, that was actually kind of what I was looking for in the first place. Will post a range report with it when I get it to the range, gotta wait for that rail adapter to come in first though. But those factory post sights were getting pretty tough on me some reason, funny never had that trouble before.
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    Is that one of those "redot sites?"(projects a red dot on the screen?)

    you did put a battery in it right??? lol...[lolol]:rolleyes:
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