ATTN ZOMBIE CREW v.links to things you need

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    here's what i got

    post yours and i'll add them

    WWZ pdf here

    WWZ lit here

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service@@AMEPARAM@@Filename:</font> <font style="font-family:arial; color:#FF6700; font-size:22px; font-weight:bold;">World War War 106mb, get it while the link still works

    Zombie Survival Guide here

    US Army Survival Manual pdf here

    The Book of the Dead (zombie short story anthology)
    The original screenplay of Day of the Dead, before Romero had to cut it up for time and budget

    Richard Matheson - I Am Legend.htm

    Zombie Survival Guide audio book

    i don't have all the audio book(s) available to download, so whoever has them needs to post links


    to be prepared for this, is to be prepared for anything
    damn good thing i live in S FL, got plenty of boats and small islands to get to just in case TSHTF
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