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    Been thinking about getting a 4-wheeler and little trailer. I have 15 acres of wood but it is all on a 45 degree mountain side [​IMG] and behind the cabin. Anyway what type of ATV would be good. I know at 45 degrees you have to use you head.
  2. gunbunny

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    Yamaha Rhino. You won't need a trailer because it has a dump bed. It has side by side seating so you can take a friend. Lastly, it is pretty wide which makes it very stable.

    The Rhino is pretty heavy, about 1000 lbs, so don't go and push a tree over with it and get stuck teetering up in the air suspended atop the upturned rootball. I had to winch off of it- the only time I got stuck in the past three years.

    I ride on the side of a mountain too- you'll get used to it after you realize it won't just tip over.

    If the budget is guiding your purchase, check craigslist for used ones.
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    Had a kawasaki 300 4X4"BAYOU "once( called a "utility" quad) good for camping or ranchwork:, it was hard to get it stuck, not as much fun as a bigger faster polaris or a two wheel drive "sport quad"but the sport quads don't usually have the nice big racks. 45 is pretty steep....
    the rhino mentioned above ( called "side by sides") are the current "thing"(2 people sit side x side..lots of hauling room,nice rollover protection.. different companies make this style: more or less sport or work oriented.
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    Crafty and Clyde have some pretty nice Honda's (Ranchers??) You may benefit from 4 x 4.

    I think I would buy used if I were in the market as these things tend to run forever no matter how you maintain them.
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    Thanks All ...
    Used is the way I will go. The wood will already be blocked so need a way to haul it. Here be a pix of the average slope, some area less.
    Around Home 121 (Small).
  6. fortunateson

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    YES. A harness and roll cage look better than leg trapping floor boards.

    I noticed that there are many tractor attachments available now (bush hogs, disk cultivators, tillers).
    I'd like to hear about some experiences with these. Seems like a good alternative to purchasing a tractor - true?
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    IIRC rhinos are the most narrow of the side by sides and more prone to roll over than the other brands. I think there was even a class action against yamaha because of their propensity to roll over.

    I'm partial to polaris 4 wheelers have a 500 & 700. A polaris 500 will pull any tree that has been cut down to 10' lengths that I saw in your picture.
  8. Tango3

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    Some of the 4x4'as have foot shift levers but "auto clutches" that'll slip and be useless trying to drag logs and such (mine was).

    Uloaded my quiet little 300 4x at the riding area one time, guys come in and unload two blazing fast polaris's go blasting down the trail...
    As the dust s settling I'm motoring out. Go around a bend there's a pond; one of the guys is in the middle standing waist deep, next to him sticking out of the water is a seat grab rail and a pair of handlebars."Yo need help? " yah.. Luckily I had a winch on mine got him out , emptied the muddy water out of the air box ,dried it out got it started again..see ya.... [own2] They're damn fast though... :)
  9. Tango3

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    How about an old CJ willys or beatup rust bucket halfton pickup 4x4? leave it there take the battery home for charging.
  10. pcc

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    I've had my 500 since 1996 and never had a problem with the drive belt slipping, I've pulled countless trees in addition to trailers, atv bush hogs, discs, & harrows maybe there was something wrong with yours. I haven't even had to replace the original belt yet, I check it every 100 miles and it still looks great 14 years later. I do have a spare though.

    I'm not aware of any atv that will run once the air box is full of water. That's definitely operator error, obviously he didn't hit the water fast enough.

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  11. Tango3

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    ( yeah the drowned polaris I helped was the victim of sheer over abundance of testosterone, no doubt).

    That video is cool!
    I was in a big dealership just yesterday; saw the remains of a turbocharged triple cylinder watercraft engine that sucked water and suffered "hydraulic lock" at a high rpm ( piston broken in half across the rod pin; bent connecting rod; Complete camage...
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