Australia prepares island immigration camp

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by TheEconomist, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Is Arthur Augustus Calwell alive and well in OZ? ...guess not.

    Australian politician, was a member of the Australian House of Representatives for 32 years from 1940 to 1972, Immigration Minister in the government of Ben Chifley from 1945 to 1949 and Leader of the Australian Labor Party from 1960 to 1967. (BTW _ Labor Party roughly equal to Dem party here) Calwell is mostly noted for his efforts to bring in European refugees after WWII.

    Most famous quote?
    Calwell's remark in Parliament in 1947 that "Two Wongs don't make a White" is widely quoted. The remark was intended as a joke, being a reference to a Chinese resident called Wong who was wrongly threatened with deportation, and a Liberal MP, Sir Thomas White.

    OZ has always opposed mass immigration, period.
    Can't saw as I blame them, nobody want folks as immigrants who can't speak the language, have no relevant skills, and may well be illiterate in their own language. When that happens, all the host Nation gets is trickle up poverty and increased crime. Not good for anyone.
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    Would I be wrong if I said, A camp is a camp is a camp? Here, FEMA will help us with camp designs.
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    Steady illegal immigration is an act of war --the sooner every nation recognizes this and treats it as such, the better.
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    In the 1990's there was a Prime Minister of (Malaysia ? Indonesia ?) who advocated that people from the third world should illegally emigrate en mass to the first world countries, so that they could "get their share"
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