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    This is a link to a documentary about the Australian Special Air Service selection course. I watched episode 1 of the 2 episode series this evening, called "SAS Search For Warriors". Episode 1, broadcast on Special Broadcasting Service TV. It runs for about 55 minutes.

    The US armed forces don't have an exact equivalent of the SAS, though I would guess that Special Forces, SEALS and Delta Force would be approximate analogues. US Rangers are the equivalent of Australian Commandos. Although the SAS and commandos will sometimes work together in co-operation on operations...they are organised differently (T&OE), have different roles and capabilities...but neither unit types are to be messsed with.

    Hope you enjoy the program.

    SBS: Documentary: SAS - The Search for Warriors
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    chelloveck...A very good friend of mine from High school was the first American to complete and graduate from the British SAS course many years ago...much respect for those guys...
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    Testing to (near) destruction is the only way

    Your friend would have been a very tough (physically...and possibly more importantly, mentally) individual....resiliant,adaptable, creative and highly mission oriented. The selection course is just the first hurdle...there are more hurdles, as you may well appreciate before an SAS trooper can be allocated to a squadron and is battle ready for deployment.

    I am sure that cream puffs don't make it into Special Forces, Seals, Delta Force or Rangers either. The program gives an interesting insight into the process of selection. I'm looking forward to episode #2.

    Having been an instructor and DS (Directing Staff - aka assessor) in various officer training units in the Australian Army, I can appreciate the necessity for the forensic testing of candidates who have ambitions of becoming officers and leaders of soldiers. I have no regrets and make no apologies for the decisions I have made in performing my role as an assessor. I have been pleased to know that officer candidates that I have trained and assessed as being competent have gone on to command soldiers on active service, doing their job effectively and creditably.
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    Being a basic "Sailor, Surface, Mark 1 Mod 0", I wouldn't screw with ANY spec forces types! Those guys are awesome, no matter the nationality or service. [beer]

    We hosted a SEAL Team on my ship once for a week or so - very closed-mouth guys, totally professional, total Bad Arses! I pity the tangos that they go after.......
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    Ours have SFAS which is 24 days; it is also very mentally and physically demanding.
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    Chello, I would like to watch this but it is apparently banned for the U.S. -at least the video is not loading for me and provides me with the message: "GEOBLOCKED -THIS VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR LOCATION."

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    Nabbed by a nanny net filter???

    'tis a pity....It is only readable from the site...I can't download and save to MP4 file unfortunately, otherwise I'd send a copy not sure whether there's any other way to capture the content. This is a new it's possible that the program may be available a little further down the track as a DVD. Strange that RightHand was able to acces the program but not you???
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    Got the same error message. Eventually, we can hope it'll become available to us proles.
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    I watched the entire thing on YouTube last night.....all 2 hours of it.
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    Thanks for the link Clyde

    It means I can watch episode 2 even before it is screened here in Australia. It would be good to have the series as MP4 might become the foundation for the selection test to screen candidates for MY survival group when I get to forming it...Muahahahaah!!!

    In episode #1 keep an eye out for the poor dodo who has to come up with a plan of attack on 2 minutes notice to deliver to his (supposedly) afghan ally....He gets a fail for a dodgy plan which may be merely just the DS putting psychological pressure on the candidate...but mostly an even BIGGER fail for cultural insensitivity....LMFAO....virtual prize to any monkey who can figure out what the cultural insensitivity was. lol
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    Yes, that was pretty entertaining to see the candidate give his "plan" to the tribal contact..."we go in and shoot them and uh...I will meet you in the middle." -did he get that from a western movie? You would think an experienced military soldier would know that he must recon first and assess the size and scope of the enemy encampment before any attack plan can be formulated. They are under a great deal of stress, but I really think that was one of the main reasons he was cut. Those instructors are not playing around, they really do look at everything. I was impressed with some of their methods. The physical strain and even mental strain these guys were under is incredible. Navy Seal training is probably the only other elite force selection that I know of which comes close to topping it in extremes.

    If I could have passed the physical portion of the testing, I am certain I would have failed the routine dealings with the natives...I have zero tolerance for backwards thinking religious zealots and their silly customs. As far as force multipliers, well I could help build an army, but it would only be as good as the mold from which they come from, and in the middle east, doing it without devout religious fervor amounts to zilch. The people are as near to worthless as a crispy rice cake.
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    I have to get my sound back.....
    DANG IT!
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    DF, You'll have to wait for....

    The Marcel Marceau version of the series!! : O
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    Just heard on radio news today, the USN is thinking of allowing women to try out for the SEALs.......
    I personally believe tobe a mistake. But the brutal "Hell Week" training regimen will weed them out quickly!
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    As long as they don't alter it to suit the specific lower requirements of females like the Army has done, very few will ever make it. I expect the course standards to be lowered if they do end up accepting females. As far as the willpower and mental strength part of the course, I don't see how women fall short by any means. It's almost always the physical parts that keep them from qualifying.
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    Yep, the feminists got the double standard wiped out so they could serve as warriors, then forced another layer at the physical level. Mental toughness is likely the same, as you say.

    But as history has taught, tactics and techniques will call for another level of talent to be inserted. As the earlier levels are diluted, another one is developed, full strength, with minimum quals to even try out.
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