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    @chelloveck - Chell, you should track this fellow down, seems like this kind of gent might be good to know.

    BBC News - Australia man parks wingless aircraft at pub

    Australia man parks wingless aircraft at pub
    [​IMG]It is not clear why the plane had no wings
    An Australian man has been charged by police after driving a light plane down the street and parking it at a pub while he went inside for a beer.

    Police in Newman, Western Australia said the 37-year-old man endangered the life, health and safety of residents.

    The man had allegedly bought the wingless Beechcraft two-seater aircraft from a private residence and was taking it home when he stopped for a drink.

    The engine had been left running making it a danger, police said.

    Local residents were amused to see the sight of a plane parked outside a well-known local spot.

    "On the way back through town... here's a plane parked outside the Purple Pub," Newman resident Beau Woolcock told ABC radio.

    "Even more special was seeing one of the local coppers poking his head in the door of the plane looking like he was asking for a licence."

    However, police said the incident endangered the lives of local residents as the propeller was left spinning.

    "Kids were coming home from school. It could have been very ugly. All he needed was one gust of wind ... because without the wings, it's not stable," said Newman police sergeant Mark McKenzie

    "People think it was a bit of a laugh but it was very dangerous and we're not very happy with it."

    Newman police Sergeant Mark Garner said in a statement after the man was charged that the aircraft was found to have "an exposed fuel line hanging from the side of the aircraft attached to an insecure jerry can inside the cabin to enable the engine to run".

    The man does not hold a pilot's licence and police said the roads were busy with other vehicles and pedestrians at the time.

    He is due to appear in court on 18 November.
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    Ever stick your finger into a rotating fan? Maybe once!! Rotating propeller on an aircraft, unthinkable that anyone is that stupid, but I am sure they are out there!!
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    Oh yeah, they are among us. Why stick you finger in when you can walk into it.

    Lauren Scruggs, Model, Walks Into Plane Propeller, Survives (VIDEO)
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    I think you guys are missing the point: sometimes you need a drink, and this feller needed to get to the bar . . . so, he ripped the wings off of this plane to get there. That's a guy who willing to do what it takes . . . .
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    I understand the point but just wanted to point out how stupid people can be after DR's post. This guy has to have one of the top ways of getting to the bar that is way ahead of the lawn mower, motorized wheel chair and horseback people.
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    I shouldn't be surprised if the pilot/driver doesn't have a terrestial driver's license either. The incident happened up in the Pilbarra region of Western Australia, which has its fair share of eccentrics and unconventional people. Other charges the "person of interest" may face would be driving an unregistered vehicle, and possibly driving a vehicle that is uninsured for third party personal injury liability.

    Police Sergeant Garner obviously doesn't know much about aircraft....steering is achieved by the plane's wing control surfaces...there is no steering wheel.

    Plane 'taxied down main street to Newman pub' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    A local minor golfing celebrity walked into a propeller, losing an arm and the sight of an eye...He survived, after a fashion.


    30 years: Jack Newton on the life-changing accident - Golf Australia
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    No wings on that plane Chell.

    Steering on every prop plane I've been in taxis (steers) through use of the rudder pedals--they're the brakes too. The prop "propels" the plane forward and you steer by mashing on the left or right rudder pedal. Slow one wheel down, you turn in that direction. Clever.
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    sorry...meant rudders on tail plane. (they are control surfaces also.)
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    Those aircraft have Nose Wheel Steering as well.. Duh.....
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    Something new to be learned every day.
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