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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Tango3

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    Guys( and girls) local pawn shop's got an auto-ordinance 1911, full "govt"sized; wrap around rubbergrip panels, real clean, no mods,one mag for $395 I've seen the rock island and read conflicting opinions on A-O guns..,.I didn't spend alot of time looking it over (It was way outta my price range, but decided it felt so good in the hand, all my guitar crap can go to the local shop in exchange for cash).
    What are your opinions of AO 1911's (.45)??
    I know they are budget guns..I'm not opposed to carry ball at .45"...or maybe a 185 hydrashock( flying ash trays) if they function...
  2. E.L.

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    Tango, while I have never shot an Auto Ordinance product, I have heard a lot of complaints about them. Just heresy, nothing I saw in person. I do know that if you look around you can find the Rock Island Arms 1911's for about $320-340. These I have shot, and I like really well.
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    I just got done playing with an Auto Ordanance that belongs to one of the kids that works for me. It has a creepy trigger that breaks around 8 pounds and feels like pushing your hand over loose gravel.Other than that, it shot ok. I own a PitBull that was made before Kahr took over AO and it is a really nice looking and good feeling gun with just one small problem; it won't shoot, at least reliably. I have owned this gun for several years and it has spent numerous trips to the gunsmith but has yet to feed an entire magazine. As cool as it looks, it is a piece of crap and I surely wouldn't trust my life with it.
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    Thanks guys maybe i'll just look into a nice stainless .357....That pitbull looks just like the AFOSi issue .45 I had mid 80's loved it; they were custom built out aof a box of mixed parts by the AF Armorers in San Antonio..Some slides said "singer" some remington rand"..They all shot nice except the three I saw set asidefor repair that went full auto...I asked the rangemaster to shoot one . if you've never had one with 230 grn ball go full auto its an experience. They put three rounds in a mag,first one was center of mass ,next was over the sil houettes head, third in the barricade .
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    So did you decide against a pocket 380 Tango? It's tough deciding I know.

    I posted pics of my 357's a while back, the smaller stainless one is a Rossi 357 w/ 2" bbl. I've been carrying it a lot lately, it fits very nicely in my front pants pocket without "looking" like I'm packin. They can be had for very cheap and nobody can dispute the stopping power.

    Here's the thread w/ the pics:
  6. BigO01

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    Tell ya what Tango you should take a look at these babys at Taurus Model 669SS 357 mag cal. Taurus Model 669 .357MAG Revolver-Blue 6 in. Vent Rib Taurus mdel 689 - 357 mag - Free Shipping

    The bottom one is blue but is at a great price .

    I picked up a stainless 4 inch 669 last spring for $275 and it is a great gun and not "For the money" it is just a great gun , every bit as good as my first 357 a S&W 586 I bought over 20 years ago "actualy the Taurus is better as the Smith need to be sent in for repair out of the box" the recently made used Taurus revolvers are starting to catch the eye of the buying public as solid dependable weapons as the prices are rising .
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    Wow, must be nice to live in the states where guns are EASY to get. Not here in Canada, take course, get licence, wait TWO YEARS for firearms approval....
  8. Blackjack

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    Blech! Sorry man, that sucks.
  9. BigO01

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    Well thats the difference between a Nation that kicked England's AZZ to gain independence and one that just sat around and waited until it was "Bestowed" upon them and to this day kisses the Queens azz by celebrating her birthday with a National Holiday !
  10. Tango3

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    Thanks blackjack

    I like guns.I haven't really "decided" too much of anything. In the mid 80's I had a stainless ruger security six.357 in 2-3/4",with pachmeyers... I wouldn't want to light it off in a dark room. recoil wasn't too painful,it was pretty heavy, but the blast and flash was incredible..( Ofcourse)I wish I still had it ( along with a long list of others)
    So I've been thinking perhaps either a non magnum caliber,or a 6" barel..or abreak down long gun for the woods( singleshot 12 or coachgun)
    Never had a .380 stil might give it a try....As you can figure with me buying selling and trading over the years for the new toys" my wife gets alittle raspy if i start looking at the gun counter (so cheap is in, for me; so as not to push the envelope too far).I think everyone likes to find a "deal"... I always laughed at.380 autos and el-cheapo pawn shop specials but these bersa thunder pistols are getting rave reviews. Thebersa thunder .22 would make a nice( ppk) sized "kit gun" nothing but fun; and I would certainly put far more rounds through a .22 than any centerfire.

    I don't have a ccw we are not yet a ccw state,I only carry if at all, "exposed" in the woods( so a 4 or 6" is doable).
    Just a hobby man...I'm not going to war or downtown so.central...
  11. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

  12. BigO01

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    Man that's a beut of a kit gun , she looks 100% .

    Tango just FYI those Bersa's have a pretty good reputation as a quality economical firearm .

    As a matter of fact I have Firestorm 1911 clone "well sorta clones as some parts aren't interchangeable with the true 1911 design" and it is a pretty dependable weapon but so far I have fired mostly Ball through it with some reloads of 200 gr LSWC have had some FTRB with those but I haven't worked with the load and gun to customize the OAL to the guns liking .

    MY only real complaint is the heavy trigger that I am going to see if I can smooth it out by polishing the trigger components .

    Let me know this spring if you're still in need of a gun as after I wring it out some more and see if I can make the trigger acceptable I am considering selling it as I have 2 Charles Dalys 1911's and I am considering another rifle and may sell the Firestorm to raise some of the funds .

    It is a two tone stainless frame and blued slide comes with a factory beavertail , if it sounds like it might interest you let me know . Not sure what exactly I want for it but it would be under $300 + shipping .
  13. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Sounds great, what state are you in? otherwise we'd have to ship between ffl's( iirc)
  14. BigO01

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    I am in Missouri .
  15. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    wisconsin here..we'll see what happens"spring-ish"..
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