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    AutoZone employee fired after taking action against “Fake Beard Bandit”

    Posted on: 12:29 am, November 30, 2012, by Darragh Copley, updated on: 07:39am, November 30, 2012




    York County, Va. – The man dubbed the “fake-beard bandit” has hit more than 30 businesses on the Peninsula.
    Each time, the MO is the same: He walks in, flashes a gun and takes off with the cash.
    But this time, an AutoZone employee decided he was going to take action!
    “I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and I see the gun. Your heart just starts pounding,” says Devin McClean, a former Auto Zone employee.
    Devin McClean decided to take action after recognizing the Fake Beard Bandit.
    “I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy,” says McClean.
    “When I yelled “freeze” and I said “Stop, drop the weapon,” he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand he started running,” says McClean. “I felt like it was my responsibility to step in.”
    Devin’s manager is grateful.
    “He was like “Thank you Devin, you really saved my life,” says McClean.
    Two days later, he was fired.
    “It’s pretty much getting slapped in the face doing something that you feel was right everybody else around you feels you were right,” says McClean.
    NewsChannel 3 spoke to a representative at AutoZone’s corporate office, and he says that the company has a zero tolerance policy for employees having weapons inside the store.
    “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above a store policy,” says McClean.

    I guess it's time to find another auto parts store...
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    go to fisher federated. They have better quality parts anyways. I'll never step foot in an autozone after hearing this. I'm going to email them now...
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    I'll be willing to bet all the other autoparts stores have a similar policy and would have terminated this guys employment as well.
    Kudos to McClean for stepping up and doing what's right, and I hope he finds another job soon.
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    People are already all over their facebook page boycotting them.
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    If you have any questions about AutoZone stores, or if you have comments, please call (800) AUTOZONE (1-800-288-6966).

    York County, VA
    Devin McClean
    Please justify your actions legitimately instead of like a robot, "whizzz birrr -policy -must -comply -whizzz"
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    Statistically, how many women and liberals fix their own vehicles in compairison to the huge amount of regular guys out there? I mean really, how to anger your customer base? I think they just wrote a chapter in the Zumba files.
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    Not the first time this has happened and will not be the last. This firing incident just received more attention then the previous ones. Boycotting the businesses is pretty much all you can do about it and I hope that after the couple of days of being popular on the net, people don't forget about this.
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    I've got a $25 credit to use up at Autozone - they're like 3 or 4 blocks from my house so it's gonna hurt to stop going there :( Perhaps I'll call that 800-autozone number to see what their excuse is and if they'll, perhaps, change their minds.
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    Go in and use your $25 credit (it's $ already spent there) and then let the manager know that this is the last time you will be in there unless...
  10. I feel as though it would have gone unnoticed had the bandit killed someone, and the man followed company policy. Those are the things that should be publicized more!
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    When I do not buy from the local parts house my preference is Advance. Believe their lines of parts are better--I go through a lot keeping these old trucks/cars going.
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