Awesome Bulletproof Fashion...? ...not Armor?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CAT-astrophic, May 23, 2012.

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    So, my boyfriend is obsessed with youtube. He's always finding crazy, random stuff and showing it off to everyone he knows... and I do mean everyone... Most videos I watch about 6 times before he moves onto the next video to circulate to his friends. :rolleyes:

    But onto the point. He found this new group on youtube called Vice. I thought everyone would find this video about bulletproof fashion especially interesting.

    Enjoy :D

    Bulletproof Clothing - YouTube
  2. jasonl6

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    Pretty awesome idea. Not sure i would be comfortable getting shot like he did but i doubt the owner would have been as confident if it ever failed.

  3. Brokor

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    It's an interesting concept, but not practical by any means for the common man since they would have to buy an entire ensemble of armor just to remain protected. And is the armor Aramid, or some other design? I noticed he was bunching it up, that was pretty cool...but what is the longevity? I think a more practical approach would be THIS TYPE OF ARMOR since it can be worn under virtually any garment and reused for many years.

    This guy does custom body armor for Hollywood stars and even fills in orders for government contracts, no doubt expensive and not practical. The idea of sewing kevlar fabric into clothing in any fashion is only applicable to those who have the cash to burn on such a frivolous attempt. Some of that clothing looked pretty bulky, and I linked a website earlier in my post that has top grade armor that will remain unseen and is lightweight, not to mention...affordable.
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    I'll take a mechwarrior and call it a day :)
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    nothin a head shot couldnt fix
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    hey cat, i will check out that group vice & the bp fashions. this looks interesting & would like to explore different applications for its use. thanks for sharing. Peace!
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