Awesome stunt pilot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Not possible. Too much lift from the still intact wing. Engine torque would be another factor. If you know anything about aerodynamics... you will know that this could not happen. Good looking fake though!
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    google the name on the wing
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    First thought was r/c but "they" say "with enough thrust you can fly a brick; the landing bounce looked like an r/c model and Ive seen r/c pattern planes fly a "knife edge"(wings 90 to the ground) just from power.."P" factor (engine torque) didn't occur to me but its an excellant obsrvation...
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    photo shopped
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    Original post - fake.

    This is real:

    [​IMG]<table border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td valign="top" width="60%">This is a story about an Israeli F-15 that lost its wing - and still
    managed to stay airborne!...(pics below)...

    "On May 1st. 1983, a simulated dogfight training took place between two
    F-15D's and four A-4N Skyhawks over the skies of the Negev. The F-15D
    (# 957, nicknamed 'Markia Shchakim', 5 killmarks) was used for the conversion
    of a new pilot in the squadron. Here is the description of the event as
    described in "Pressure suit":

    At some point I collided with one of the Skyhawks, at first I didn't
    realize it. I felt a big strike, and I thought we passed through the jet
    stream of one of the other aircraft. Before I could react, I saw the big
    fire ball created by the explosion of the Skyhawk. The radio started to
    deliver calls saying that the Skyhawk pilot has ejected, and I understood
    that the fire ball was the skyhawk, that exploded, and the pilot was
    ejected automatically.

    There was a tremendous fuel stream going out of the wing, and I understood
    it was badly damaged. The aircraft flew without control in a strange
    spiral. I re-connected the electric control to the control surfaces, and
    slowly gained control on the aircraft until I was straight and level again.
    It was clear to me that I had to eject. When I gained control I said :
    "Hey, wait, don't eject yet!". No warning light was on and the navigation
    computer worked as usual; I just needed a warning light in my panel to
    indicate that I missed a wing..." The instructor ordered me to eject.
    The wing is a fuel tank, and the fuel indicator showed 0.000 so I assumed
    that the jet stream sucked all the fuel out of the other tanks. However, I
    remembered that the valves operate only in one direction, so that I might
    have enough fuel to get to the nearest airfield and land.

    I worked like a machine, wasn't scared and didn't worry. All I knew was
    as long as the sucker flies, I'm gonna stay inside. I started to decrease
    the airspeed, but at that point one wing was not enough. So I went into a
    spin down and to the right. A second before I decided to eject, I pushed
    the throttle and lit the afterburner. I gained speed and thus got control
    of the aircraft again. Next thing I did was lowering the arresting hook.
    A few seconds later I touched the runway at 260 knots, about twice the
    recommended speed, and called the tower to erect the emergency recovery
    net. The hook was torn away from the fuselage because of the high speed,
    but I managed to stop 10 meters before the net.

    I turned back to shake the hand of my instructor, who urged me to eject,
    and then I saw it for the first time - no wing !!!

    The IAF (Israeli Air Force) contacted McDonnel Douglas and asked for
    information about possibility to land an F-15 with one wing . MD replied
    that this is aerodynamically impossible, as confirmed by computer
    simulations... Then they received the photo....

    After two months the same F-15 got a new wing and returned to action.
    McDonnel Douglas attributes the saving of this aircraft to the amount of
    lift generated by the engine intake/body and "A Hell of a good Pilot"."

    Submitted by Rusty C.


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    That had to be some serious pucker factor...

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