Awesome video about one guy who said "enough is enough!"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 14, 2009.

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    I saw that from the frontsight email a few days ago -- we can only hope we don't have to live through the same ordeals. That's one of the best videos I've seen.

    Here are a few favorite quotes:
    • "I refuse to be a victim of violent crime"
    • "I just decided not to be a victim"
    • "I decided to reduce the probability of losing my life"
    • "[I was] trying to keep them from killing me and everyone in the shop"
    • "I have to make a mental decision to [either]
      • be a victim of his mercy OR
      • exercise the right of self-defense and fight back. In fighting back, part of that is the willingness to die and to kill. Hard choice"
    • Reporter Question: He said, "Don't do anything or I'll kill you" - so why do anything? If you hadn't reached for your gun, maybe you wouldn't have gotten shot?
    • Answer: It would have been up to him, wouldn't it? He had his finger on the trigger and he intended to negotiate. There's no negotiation, my life is too precious for that.
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    It really sucks when WE as law abiding citizens have to re-locate, and become "invisible" to the rest of society, when the criminals have control of the streets.
    I do NOT have a 'CCW permit', as here in Arizona, WE are allowed 'open carry'.
    I do have my revolver on my hip, and carry it everywhere.
    I am not paranoid, and I will NOT become a VICTIM.
    It is a simple matter of self reliance.
    If and when the time comes, I cannot have open carry, then I'll carry concealed. Until then, it serves as a great deterreent to anyone, that see's a cannon on a person's side!
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    Saw this on TV last week and cheered out loud when I heard him say that he refused to be a victim. The guy is definitely a hero.

    I wish I could have laughed in the interviewers face when he asked why he just didn't give them what they wanted so they'd leave. What an idiot. [loco]

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