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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I don't know if everyone's aware of this but.... the individual "calling in" the report is known.... their name won't be released but.... the person is known. It's my understanding from speaking with one (1) law enforcement officer (whom I have no reason to disbelieve) that they have been "trained" on how to respond to these reports. To the best of my knowledge, police officers have no choice in how they "handle" the "accused".... Homeland Security has provided them with "guidelines".
    We should not forget that Wally World has chosen to "cooperate" by playing those HS videos of Janet Napolitano over and over and over again to all their customers but.... makes perfect sense to me that they'd help the "cause" since they cut themselves a sweet deal with FEMA to "assist" with "distribution" to the huddled masses in the event of a catastrophe of natural or man made origin. I'm not a fan of Wally World at all. If I had jobs to offer those 4 employees they fired by loosely interpreting their own APO9.... I would.... exactly where were those employees supposed to back off to>>>? Those 3 employees are heroes in my book and their co-worker, also fired, doesn't have a bullet through his brain so he got to go home to his wife and kids.... not that he'll be able to put food in his frig with what WalMart did to him but.... he's alive and that's a good thing.
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    I'm glad the WalMart employees did something, and would also hire them if I could. Reading the comments(on Facebook) about how the employees should have just let him steal something, he wouldn't have hurt anyone, it A: made me wonder how these people are able to function at all, and B: found it funny in a sad way that these are probably the same people who, when a couple years ago NYC subway security got some bad press when surveillance footage was released of the security just watching a girl get beat up by other girls because it was 'against policy' to intervene, threw hissy fits that security didn't do anything.
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    The vast majority of the population is unable to critically assess information to that degree. Reactionary and irrational.

    Does not compute...

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