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    :eek: Say it ain't so!

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    Oh it is, SO... HOWEVER, This is a Trojan... so it doesn't just magically appear on your computer... YOU MUST download it, AND ALLOW it to be installed on your computer... albeit, usually as some slight of hand, method, where it is part of another "something" that you downloaded from somewhere. It is NOT a virus, so it MUST ride in on some other Applications coattails, to get installed. If your not downloading Apps, or installing stuff from Known Sites, you are fairly safe. It isn't coming in on any Picture type files, video type files, or content type files, like a virus can. It will be an App, that has been compromised, deliberately.... .....
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    Hard to do with Linux programs, usually there are checksums for applications, but not impossible.
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    I just wonder how many of these 'Issues" are developed by the Virus Protection Industry, themselves, to expand their business prospects. Like a fireman starting a fire, so he has a JOB, coming and putting it out..... I mean, "If you see this filename in your directory, try out our Free App, to make it go away." Then the App loads a backdoor specifically designed to delete THAT file, but load the rest of a different Trojan, or Viral Load, into your computer, right under your nose.... Just wondering....
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