bacteria-powered solar cells perfect for cloudy days !

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Cruisin Sloth, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Could be true !
    Here comes the sun
    Was a read , and maybe a hope .
  2. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I am not a science person but I do wonder how long the bacteria would last. it needs to feed on something to grow, correct? Also I wondered about the temperatures and if that would have an affect. Very interesting concept.
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  3. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    All I got out of that link was a sales brochure for the home builder. Not a smidge of info on how those panels are supposed to work. Trolling for stock sales, maybe? One of the statements really got me, solar panels that are supposed to produce power in below ground mines. Did I miss something, or am I in a perpetually confused state ---
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  4. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Yeh, I felt the same , but then again , it might be something , as with @Motomom34 saying heat ! I thought the same thing .
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  5. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    I have to wonder what the effect is this bacteria in the long term and human exposure to this in the event of breakage .
    not only that but the effect of freezing and the heat of the sun. living things can only take so much abuse.
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  6. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    this is just as good at the Gnat powered fan
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