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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by 2Chest1Head, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. 2Chest1Head

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    Anyone have any experience with this brand of shotgun. Local Cabelas has a few of these used at a "pretty good" price. I know its Russian manufacture. They have both the semi-auto and side-by-side versions in stock. Looking for someone who has owned one and can tell me the pros vs cons.
  2. ghrit

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    No direct experience, but a guy I shoot trap with sometimes brings his O/U (usually shoots a Beretta.) Birds break with it. Fit and finish is not spectacular by any means, but looks fairly sturdy from the outside.
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  3. Seacowboys

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    I have a couple of their double-rifles and can comment about them. The rifles are very well made, solid, reasonably balanced and bear the Remington trademark. I have seen and fired several examples of their double shotguns and noted nothing fancy, just a solid, well-made piece that does what it is built to do and will continue doing it for quite a while and a fraction of the cost of a more premium brand. The finish is adequate, won't compare to a Browning but better than you would expect for the price, the European walnut is straight-grained, not spectacular but better than the ash or whatever you get on a Stevens, say. The barrels are rigid and true, the soldering 100%, no visible machine marks though the fit is not as precise as a higher priced Beretta, for my money, they are as good or better than most of the production grade weapons being produced in the U.S. and at half the price or less.
  4. 2Chest1Head

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    Exactly what I was looking to find out. Some real world feedback not something cut and pasted off their website. Thanks a lot.
  5. NotSoSneaky

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    I have a Remington O/U made by Baikal. Locks up nice and tight, ejects smartly, beautiful wood.
    Only thing is if you look close the engraving's a little cheesy (all thin cut lines no shading, minimal detail) but she shoots real nice.
  6. TXKajun

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    I got a .410 Baikal side by side double for my son about 7or 8 years ago. Awesome shottie for the price! Heck, it's a great gun at ANY price! It has killed many many doves, rabbits and quail. Still works as good as when I got it...and I got it used. One thing, if you get a double, make sure when you snap it together that you do it VERY firmly, otherwise one barrel may not fire. Had that happen with my son, took apart, firmly reassembled and no problem.


  7. kellory

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    I like a .410, I think they are undervalued for hunting. They are legal here for anything up to, and including deer. Only downside is .410 rifled slugs cost as much as 12ga. Sabots, and never seem to go on sale.
  8. stela44

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    Isnt it Baikal only for Lake Baikal ? I mean, they make guns there as well or what?
  9. kellory

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    Naw, monkeys only store thier guns there.[sarc1]
  10. ghrit

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    It is the brand name of a Russian firearms manufacturer, among other things.
  11. BTPost

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    Yup, usually at the BOTTOM, of the lake...
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