Ballistic missile (target) fired at Alaska - knocked down

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    In the first ever attempt based out of Kodiak, Alaska, an intercept test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element of the nation’s ballistic missile defense system was successful, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said Tuesday.

    It was the 14th successful intercept in 14 attempts overall for the THAAD weapon system, according to the MDA.

    "The successful demonstration of THAAD against an [intermediate-range ballistic missile] threat bolsters the country’s defensive capability against developing missile threats in North Korea and other countries around the globe," MDA officials said in a release, "and contributes to the broader strategic deterrence architecture."

    To begin the test, a ballistic missile target was air launched over the Pacific Ocean, north of Hawaii, by a U.S. Air Force C-17.

    Soldiers from the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade - who were not aware of the actual target launch time - conducted launcher, fire control and radar operations using the same procedures they would use in an actual combat scenario. The THAAD weapon system used, located at the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, detected, tracked and intercepted the target.

    "Preliminary indications are that planned flight test objectives were achieved, and the threat-representative, intermediate-range ballistic missile target was successfully intercepted by the THAAD weapon system," according to the MDA release.

    In the same note, MDA Director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves said he couldn't be more proud of the government and contractor team that executed the flight test.

    “This test further demonstrates the capabilities of the THAAD weapon system, and its ability to intercept and destroy ballistic missile threats," he said. "THAAD continues to protect our citizens, deployed forces and allies from a real and growing threat.”

    Sen. Dan Sullivan also released a statement Tuesday commending the MDA and partners on the successful test.

    "Last night’s successful THAAD test provided further confirmation that we have the capability to defend our bases, our troops, and our allies in places like Japan, South Korea, and Guam against rogue nations like North Korea,” he said. "It was also an important demonstration of how the THAAD system has evolved, now with the proven capability of intercepting an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile."

    Hey -North Korea! - You paying attention you little putz?

    More about THAAD
    (What Is THAAD, What Does It Do, and Why Is China Mad About It?)
    (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - Wikipedia)
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    America, Fu(# yeah!
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    More war drum beating. I wonder how well it will do against a dozen decoys promptly followed by the real deal?
    At this point, anything that will be used to prove to the American people that making war will be safe is on the table.
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    Not only is THAAD a proven solution with a good record, but the A.F. also has an airborne ballistic defence capability that has also tested perfect since its I caption in the early 90s! Basically it's a special air launched missile system originally supposed to be carried by Navy fleet defence interceptors (F- 14) and the Air Force fighter intercepter F- 15 but with the demise of the F- 14, only the F- 15 currently deployed this system. Eumers are the Super Hornet is upgradable, but the Navy has so far chosen to use this only on certain fleet screen DGG and CV ships!
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    Do you actually think they could get that many birds up before they saw a really bright light....for a second?
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    Who is "they", and what does this have to do with birds?
    You mean N. Korea and airplanes? Well, if ought to know none of that is real. Sure, he's a self proclaimed God and ruler of the kingdom of starving idiots, but he's a puppet all the same. We're not going to use primary nukes on that fool because it's too close to our own little paradise to the south. The United States, Inc. does have a large variety of tactical nuclear options and I suppose a hardened bunker or two might need that done, but at the end of the day, the vast majority of N. Korea really is just farmland and empty lots. So, I don't think your question even applies, here. N. Korea would never shoot until they get the "all clear" from China and Russia, and that's what I would be more concerned about.

    Just to give an idea:

    Kim Jong Ding Dong does nothing. China fires the weapons, either looks like NorKor did it, or is only reported as being such (either way, the CIA control the outcome of your reality through the media) and the U.S. retaliates. One loser dictatorship gone, but USA is crippled and primed for the plucking. In comes China/USSR collective. Just one possibility.
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    That makes my head spin, a little... China doesn't want their largest market destroyed. It would mean near economic disaster for them. Even for them to fire on us and have the "Intelligence Community" claim it was N. Korea, for me, is a stretch. I didn't realize there was a Clod War going on. I must be real naive...
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    Missiles. Even I know that jargon.

    But I guess I agree with dr, seems that even Xi would not want one of his major markets to become a smokin' hole if that fat kid with the bad haircut goes off the leash. Worst of it is, I think he's off. The best of it is that Xi is, whether it shows or not, tightening the screws on fat boy. Xi has a bit of a worry in that the last thing he wants on his southern border is a US (CIA) puppet, which is what would happen if fat boy gets smacked and South K takes over north K in a reunification.
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    Considering the war stance the A. F.
    Is running at with the fighter intercepter wings in Or. And Ak, I would say N.K would have about 2 min before the blinding flash, followed by a serious ground shaking as space defence system launches it's payload at the same time!
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  10. DKR

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    Before or after the 10 Terawatt orbiting laser cut it to pieces?
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    We don't know that. The United States isn't impossible to defeat, it is possible to lose a war. Vietnam comes to mind --oh, that's right, not technically a war some would say. The bigger they are, the harder the fall, such may be the reality for the invincible New Rome.

    Personally, I would follow the money, and all signs point toward globalism.
    Losing N. Korea wouldn't exactly be a loss for China only --multiple losses will happen. Simply put, nobody wins. But, there's more to this than just simple economics. The reason I gave the simple idea earlier was not to pretend to be some kind of know-it-all or Nostradamus of the political world, it was to give an idea about the possibility of sacrificing a pawn to place an enemy in checkmate. Also, nothing simply happens on its own. Very powerful organizations fully intend on capitalizing at every turn.

    The China–North Korea Relationship

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    Actually the air force has spent a lot of money going back as far as the cold war days on ways to determine if a missile is a decoy or packing a live nuclear war head.
    I was under the impression that this 1970s and 1980s tech actually worked pretty well.
    Back then the interception system was a 1 megaton thermonuclear air to air missle.
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  13. Dunerunner

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    Attacking the US with a nuclear weapon would incite retaliation by the US against N. Korea. If China were in any way implicated in the attack, it would be the end of our trade relations with that country and could put us at war with that nation. I don't believe they are prepared to risk destruction of its manufacturing capabilities and commerce. War with the US would escalate to a global conflict within seconds and WWIII would be over in 20 minutes. As you said, nobody wins. This event would take mankind back to the stone age.

    That is what I meant by "China doesn't want their largest market destroyed."
  14. BTPost

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    Especially the Globalists, and the Banlksters.... They want the STATUS QUO, and will do ANYthing and EVERYTHING to maintain it.... There is NO PROFIT, in any other course for them.....
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    @Dunerunner Maybe you're looking for an argument that just doesn't exist. :)

    We will have war, one way or another, and Russia and China will be on the opposite side of the stage. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Everything else is just harmless speculation, which is all I was ever espousing.
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    ,Nope, no argument as we are reading the same book, maybe in a different chapter. .. that conflict, should it erupt anywhere will result in a conflagration that will engulf the entire planet. Those involved will not survive and those who do, will wish they hadn't.
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    Absolutely. And there will always be those who escape the horrors of war to reap the profits and live as Kings while the plebs continue to toil at rebuilding. I think it's safe to conclude that full on nuclear war is only ever going to be a threat to be used for its fear factor, even though there remains a small possibility for error. If it does happen, only those in fortified bunkers would be safe. The political and banking elite get to live to witness a new era born on the ashes and bones of those who empowered them in the first place. If it ever happens, that is.
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    Or they will die of starvation waiting for the planet to reach a point where it can sustain life.... Sounds like a short story in progress. :D
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    [LMAO] A fitting end for them, I say. Call me a bottom feeder, will you? ;)

    Now that I think of it, and since it is somewhat still on topic and I am bored at the moment, I am reminded of the numerous television shows (A.K.A. social programming) about this very idea. One show I especially liked was Jeremiah. Another show that I can't say I watched more than a few episodes of, is The 100. Then, we have The Walking Dead, Continuum, Jericho, Fringe, Firefly, Revolution, Between, Earth2, Terra Nova, Exploding Sun...etc.

    I know many may say, "Oh, that's just TV, it isn't real..." but if TV is only a dream that sometimes comes true, what does this say about our nightmares?
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