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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ghrit, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Unless you are using a scope, then it is now a matter of knowing what MOA your reticle moves and figuring the number of come up. If not, then a 3" drop means a width of a hand overhold on the head.... er pumpkin and you can split the peanut.
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    Ah... that is a whole different ball game. In that scenario one does not get to pick conditions or shooting locations. You will have to learn to deal with lots of variables that affect trajectory a lot more than bullet brand or weight. That is what I am dealing with and it is a very expensive skill to acquire. Nothing replaces practice and at around $2 a shot that practice isn't cheap.

    I'm actualy considering buying a .17 and varminting as a way to practice. Much cheaper to feed than 7mm and will do fine out to 100 yards. A cheaper way to practice, hopefully one day I'll get to .5 inch 100yard groups.
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    Too true, and that is on plan for future. In the meantime, the tables are a place to start. Granted the "difficulties" of old eyes and iron sights (I'm a firm believer in using irons whenever possible) the tables will get me into the punkin if I do my part. Caintuck windage comes with experience that I don't yet have with the AR. Back in my hunting days, I had the rifle figured out pretty well, where to hold and so forth. (But those ranges were well under 100 yards in heavy woods.) My one step at a time may well be slower than the younger folks, but those steps will be taken in order.
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    Hey, I suggest going to the border if it's close enough and do the minuteman thing. If you are with an experienced group you'll be taught tracking. With the drug runners trying to evade/go around you it will also expose you to that cat and mouse thing. You would be surprised how you can get a group of 8 people hidden from view with just a slight gully. I mean so slight if you didn't look twice you would swear it was straight open ground. They can walk right in front of you 25 yards away and you wouldn't see/hear them (night). Only thing covering them is a slight gully and they walk even just slightly stooped. The coyotes will use every trick in the book, deception, distraction, cohersion, bribery, etc, etc, etc. It is eye opening both how HARD and how EASY it is to do the cat and mouse thing.

    If the SHTF there will be no police. You might have to do your own patrol, evade, detect, flank, recon etc. Might as well get skills up before you have to play for keeps. Try out the minuteman thing, you'll be helping to secure our borders too.
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    One thing you might do is also look up the ilitaries sniper field manual. I know theres a link to it on here and it gives a LOT of top notch info on how to calculate windages and differences that will occure in trajectory based on humidity or altitude (it will suprise you just hom MUCH difference those things make) as well as temps and so on. I want to find one in hard copy and find someone to get it for me for Christmas. lol It also gives great tips even for folks used to shooting a lot and well on how to improve your shooting in addition to the cover and concealment and a wealth of additional info. Well worth the long read strictly for the marksmanship info though.
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