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  1. -06

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    Every successful hunter has some tricks up his/her sleave.
    Probably the #1 rule to deer hunting is staying still or moving very very very slowly if you switch positions or have to scratch. They will see your "twitches" and are watching you from hidden positions--remember, they are looking for you constantly.
    Alright, lay it on the new hunters fellows/ladies. Us old hunters need to know some new stuff also.
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  2. VisuTrac

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    I think the number one rule is:

    Hunt where there are deer. [beat]

    In Michigan, that would be along any Interstate or major road. I see lots of them. Unfortunately they look like they were taken by semi bumper or the odd econo box (those are typically found right next to the dead deer)
  3. STANGF150

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    Bambi Hunting Tips? Dang, here I thought you was going to tell us what Strip Clubs to go to :(
  4. Tikka

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    My front porch overlooks the salt block. :D

    Salt is cheap and someday I might need deer meat. ;)
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  5. Tracy

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    :lol: at Visu.

    Pay attention to wind direction! They can smell you.
  6. Mountainman

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    If you live close to the area you hunt in try and frequent the area as often as you can. The animals start getting used to seeing you and aren't as afraid. Animals on our property are not afraid of us since I have never shot one, except ground squirrels, and are being saved for SHTF food if needed.
  7. Huntinbull

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    Claymore. Substitute "groceries" for the word "enemy", as in "this side towards groceries" and you are in business.
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  8. -06

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    C'mon, you guys are not helping these young hunters. Funny stuff though--"this side towards food"--lol. My hunting clothes never come inside the home and when stored I toss in some Cedar boughs. Best trick: a bit gross but it works great. Ever see an old dog wallow in something dead? They do that instinctively to camo their scent. I pick up a road kill rabbit, cut it up, let it mellow a bit, put in small bags, LABEL WELL or face moma's wrath, and freeze. The night before I take one out to thaw. Just before entering an area I toss it down and wipe my boots well(sides also) with it. Have had many deer to cross my path and never give my track a second whiff. It is the best scent "killer" on the market and free. My bil takes tampons to hang in his kill zones and shoots estrus scent into them with a hypo.
  9. Opinionated

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    Make absolutely certain the living room window is open before you take the shot from the couch, or your wife will be really really mad at you.

    You'll never guess how I know . . . :oops:
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  10. Cephus

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    That would be kitchen window in my case!!!! LMAO(y)
  11. Mountainman

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    You should do a search on hunting coyotes with tannerite.
  12. Huntinbull

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    I use several of the same tricks -06 does. I use oak leaves and acorns in with the clothes I hunt oak stands in, and often put pine cones and needles in with my "pine stand" clothes. I also keep some oak leaves and acorns in a ziplock bag. I put them into a nylon stocking to go in the dryer with my hunting clothes. this helps hide the leftover scent from dryer sheets that may linger in the dryer.
  13. Huntinbull

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    When i use a firearm for deer hunting, I sight them in at a median range (60 yards for shotguns, 150 yd zero for rifles) and then clean them. I then shoot one round through them and leave them "fouled" for the whole season. Most guns hit a different zero from a clean bore than a dirty one.
  14. Huntinbull

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    The further I am away from my truck when I get my deer, the smaller the opening I cut in their abdomen to get the innards out. Less chance of "stuff" getting inside the deer during the drag.

    If I am dragging by myself I drag the deer head first with it's front feet tied alongside it's neck. If two people are dragging, I will cut a branch and run it between the leg bones and tendon on the back legs, in the same spot you would put a gambrel. I then have one person get each end of the stick.
  15. Hispeedal2

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    Three weeks of scouting beats 3 months of freezing your tail off for no good reason.

    Last season, I scouted 1 day and closed season in two days (it would have been 1 day, but the place I wanted was closed on opening day).
  16. LogOut

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    Its easy when you find the right deer !
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  17. peanut

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    Stupid question. As an avid deer watcher, how do you get a deer to turn so you can get a clean shot on him with a bow? There is a deer I've been hunting for the past couple of years that is a beautiful 10+ point buck that would look awesome over my fireplace with a little Christmas hat on him, that just won't turn the right way for me to get a clean shot. I've done doe in heat, whacked down brush, put the salt block down (DNR lives down the street, can't leave them during season, he checks, no life). I see him every year, no clean shot. I have to shoot from a blind this year d/t seizures (can't be in tree stand). Have a 2 week jump on hubby and shotgun season and I just know he's going to get him this year if I don't. Blind will be set up along his path on hill. He walks over the hill and down a ravine and across the road. Just need him to pause and turn for a second.....
  18. Cephus

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    One loud whistle usually does for me .
  19. peanut

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    If it turns out to be this freaking simple I'm going to come home with Bambi's daddy, bang my head against the wall, and celebrate with the monkey dance. Pictures/video forthcoming I hope. :oops:
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  20. -06

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    Deer, like us move for basically three reasons: bedding, food, and sex. They travel from secure places to feeding areas and hunt the ladies enroute--sound like anyone you know--lol. During the "rut" their caution goes out the window. Have had a buck charge me thinking I was a deer-I guess. "Ole Betsy" stopped his amorous advances. Saw a doe walk across a field very early and about thirty minutes a nice buck ran across following her path with his nose to the ground. He was doing about 20 mph. He must have missed her somewhere for he came back out circling to pick her trail again. Mid field I whistled at him and he froze---bad mistake on his part.
    What happened next is a favorite trick that I have used many times to kill two or more deer. When you fire one round the noise disipates and it is difficult to know where it comes from. Deer have the same problem but are more curious than we. Soon as I fire I rechamber(bolt) and lean against the tree and just freeze. Do not move for 10-15 minutes and old bambi will come out to see what is lying in the field. That morning about 10 minutes after dropping the 8 pointer I saw a nose under the shadow of a low hanging limb bordering the field off to my left. Took about 2-3 minutes to ease very slowly into position each time he looked the other way. Finally he moved another foot forward and then another still looking for any movement. He was about 60 yds away and I could see the enormous tines glistening through the brown leaves. Finally eased the trigger enough for the round to surprise me. My heart was pounding, palms sweating, and was breathing like a school kid on a playground. He dropped in his tracks as the 150 gn silvertip ripped through his heart/lungs and seperated his other shoulder. Called my son to bring his Jeep. The buck was so heavy the both of us could not pull him onto the hood. We field dressed him on the spot and got him up. Biggest deer I have ever killed and would have missed him if I had gone out to the first. Old deer don't get that way from being stupid.
    Try multiple shots-you will be surprised how curious they are---but don't move or you will be wasting that time. Good hunting.
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