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    Last season I was out a couple days early trimming a tree to run a climber up when I heard a snort behind me. 6 point buck had come up behind me while I was wacking branckes.

    Guess he thought it was another couple bucks havin' a tussle. No I didn't see him again.
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    -06, Here in Ohio we cannot shoot a second deer until we have filled out our tag and attached it to the first. It is also law that you must have the tag attached before you move, drag, or field dress the animal. Having said that, I have shot deer while field dressing deer. Look up from gutting and find a big doe looking at me with her head cocked to one side. Probably wondered if the deer i was gutting lost a bet or something. She didn't worry about it long though.
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    LOL, did you advise her of her rights before--you know????
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    If by advise her of her rights you mean, did I let her see the front side of my front sight, then yes.
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    Bambi 10

    don't look for a deer. look for a small part of a deer or an INDICATOR of a deer. Ear twitches and tail flicks (the deer's, not yours) kill more deer than CWD!


    Hide your silhouette, Back up to a bush or tree. And stay below the skyline.

    Plaid flannel is camo. Broken patterns of color, nearly any color, work. Blaze orange camo works. I have seen my buddy standing against a tree in blaze orange camo with a doe standing so close he could touch her. He spoke and she flipped out. I don't know if she ever knew where he was. She just fled.

    Watch the wind, and your scent. Step in every pile of poo you see in the woods.
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    Years ago my two oldest and I went out cutting "kill zones" and delimbing for clear FOF. We used our video camera to see how well we were concealed. The viewfinder only showed B/W and we were amazed at how well the camo made us disappear(deer are color blind). Almost spooky and only when they moved did you see them-reminded me of the movie "Predator" with Arnie.
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    what i "love" about hunters is the looking to kill the biggest and strongest bucks
    mostly for display purposes
    thus leaving small wimpy undernourished bucks that couldnt mate a doe anyother way to do all the breeding
    i dont know about elsewhere but the deer in michigan have definitely gotten smaller
    me, i shoot the scrawny ones, cant eat antlers anyway and the big boys need to be breedin up the size of the next generations
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    Does and spikes eat sooooo much better than "bigguns". Also, doesn't matter how long you boil those antlers they do not get soft --LOL.
    Speaking of antlers--I have a couple of antlers tied together with about a foot of rope. "Rattling" them together simulates bucks fighting and sometimes bring in some. Don't overdo it as the motion will give you away.
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    Get a flat shooting gun with a drop reticle. Practice. A lot.
    Sit on a powerline or pipeline right-a-way where it is legal. All day.
    Be ready. Press the trigger, don't jerk it.
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    I agree with Beast. Im also in Michigan and unless you are hunting farmlands(private) you will see the results of very poor deer management in Michigan. The last few seasons they have started to cull off more does and have made it a point to educate hunters to the facts that Better genetics need to be breeding the does. This has led to more meat hunters thinning out the doe herds making less does available for spindle racked scrawny bucks. The key to having a good healthy deer herd is having the right buck to doe ratio. When bucks have to compete for available does you get more of the strongest ones doing the breeding.

    A good 1.5 year old Buck will have a 6 to 8 point rack about 13 to 15 inches wide. This is the buck you want to let walk as he will grow into a real good buck at 3 to 5 years. Here is a good example of a poor genetic 1.5 year old. My wife whacked him Sunday morning. The problem is he wasn't bred in our area. The bucks we have here breed bucks that breed 5 to 10 miles from our hunting area. The mothers drive their buck fawns away before they get sexually mature to keep them from breeding their sisters. It is also a bad Idea to shoot a mature doe who has a Buck fawn with her. With his mother dead he will stay around and might even end up breeding his sister. Most single Button Bucks you see in an area seem lost dont they? They are. Mother pushed them into the next county and kicked their butt when they tried to follow her home. This is how Nature controls inbreeding. The Doe drives her buck fawn out of the area. Kingfish
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    Crap !!! All i'm getting is Polecats and Pigs....
    ICAM0055.JPG ICAM0086.JPG
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    Look at those pork chops;). Man if I had that many piggies my freezer would be full of pork. You thin out the pigs and deer will come back. KF
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    Plenty of the piney wood porkers....
    However,I trap them since they only come by at night...

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    Friends don't let friends hunt deer in Ohio during gun season. I hunt in PA or other states where rifles are allowed and where there are places to hunt that are not infested with city folks who think deer are orange. :eek:
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    Heres a couple that a friend of mine got over the last couple years.

    Tias first deer.

    Second buck.

    I just take a walk down the driveway and shoot one. No orange or camo needed.
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    That top one your friend got I wonder if it had been hurt before I have read where deer will have a weird horn.
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    Yes, if the antler is damaged while in velvet it may grow out deformed, some will also have it has a genetic fault that can be passed down the line.
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