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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Reading contents of the list in the democrats (and atty gen holder's) ban bill they are meticulous about trotting out the No "legitimate sporting use" argument.and in fact if you read replies most of the inane sheep fall for this one every time." What do you need an assault weapon to hunt ducks for????
    We all know this completely bs, and unconstitutional argument is made solely to get the nano brains inline.Not fighting this argument is simply"appeasement", but thinking "practically":
    1)Joe and jenny sixpack( and hence bawney fwank and nancy pewosi) can't argue the12ga has no "sporting"
    2) though the shotgun is not considered an "offensive arm"; within 40yards or so, it is a devastating weapon., plastic hulls are easily reloadable. found lead is available easily melted and casting shot in a"shot tower" is an old simple technology. Availableto a people,where as bullet swaging is more demanding of tooling, skill, and material. Hulls can be stuffed with most anything in a fit of desperation( cutup brass brazing rod, bb gun bb's?marbles,drywall screws).. And a contact wound with organic dried pinto beans would certainly be deadly..[dunno]
    perhaps we should be putting up a a strong legislative fight to keep our "evil,deadly assault weapons" all the while stocking hulls powder primer and shot. and perfectly harmless looking "grampas' shotguns" over every mantel. the smoothbore has always been the "peoples firearm." Indian trade guns were smooth bore so as not to hand possible enemies anaccurate long range tool, but indians came to prefer the uncomplicated smoothbore for everyday life.( in the field).
    Granted it didn't turn out too well forthe indians up against modern technology ( i.e. the "gattling gun" and other rifled, repeating metallic cartridge firearms.seesaw
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    The Brits started by banning rifles but allowed folks to keep their shotguns for "hunting". Then they banned shotguns. Now they're banning big knives.

    The anti-gun crowd won't stop until the populace is totally disarmed. Sorry, but assuming you'll be able to keep any kind of gun is a fantasy.
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    Scheisse, So do we all become activist? Lawyers or ninjas???or just contract our personal security through the local black water franchise?( "whoopazz r us"?)
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    The "No legitimate sporting purpose" claus is pure bull hockey.
    .223Rem is popular among varmint hunters, as is the AR-15 rifle. And it is used in High-Power Rifle competition.
    .308Win is used by many hunters of a variety of medium/large game, as is the 'sniper rifle' and AR-10 platform and others. And they also are used in High-Power Rifle comps.
    .30-06 - same thing.
    The 7.62X39 is used for hunting in both SKS and AK platforms.
    Same can be said for ALL once-military pistol calibers and handguns.

    We MUST fight this attempt to blow smoke in the 'non-gun' people's faces, and let them believe blatant lies in order to have them favor the anti-gun agenda.

    Let the gun-grabbers go this road, we'll lose the .30-30 and the lever rifle, the .44-40 and the Colt SAA, the muzzle-loading musket - ALL began as military arms and calibers! By extension, even the lowly .22LR could fall under this onus. AND our 12 gauge shotgun!

    It ISN'T about guns and ammo - it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL! :rolleyes:
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    First, stand fast. Accept NO compromises; firearms are primarily for self-protection, only secondarily for hunting and sport. Do everything you can to tell your political representatives that you insist on your constitutional right to keep and bear arms and that you will remember on election day if they, in any way, do not support that right.

    Second, understand that there might come some day when you will have to make a difficult decision. If the supporters of tyranny succeed, will you acquiesce to their control or will you resist, knowing that resistance will be dangerous? Prepare yourself, consider now what you will do if you are faced with that choice.
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