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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr Charbonneau, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi RightHanded,

    Sometimes it is very important to be among like minded people. Especially today. Mother Earth isn't happy right now and she's shaking the place to bits and vomiting all over the place. I've been trying for 13 YEARS now to put together a survival community on a shoestring. I went to the net because Bill Gates made the statement "[The internet] will generate so much money for so many people." As of now I haven't been one of those people and time is running out. If I can find just a thousand like minded people... even a hundred, that community can be a reality and those people won't end up walking down the road carrying a BOB and... well... a carry and end up in a hopeless battle against a much larger group of renegade bikers that want his BOB and carry, but not him or her.

    That's been my agenda for all those years. Just a voice in the wilderness and I see that particular scenario happening in 5 or 6 years...

    Dr. C. (not quite as down today. Eccentric? Nothing but the best...)
  2. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    Inquisitive by nature, that statement makes me wonder... Are you expecting that the community you're trying to establish will generate money for you? ~sigh~
  3. I would ask you to reverse the scenario and answer the question yourself, but because you might actually be typical, that answer could be different from mine. We live in a time when people are turned to fear everyone else. 9-11 really escalated that fear, where, in the days of The Mother Earth News and Domebook it was easier to trust.

    No. If someone wants to pay rent at such a very reasonable rate, most will go to buy more property, provide for the services.

    Nonetheless, I'd be doing A LOT of work to bring it all together, design buildings, meet with the appropriate engineers, etc. etcetera. Your question makes ME wonder: Do you expect me to be a doormat when I'm hoping to save lives? Again. No. It would support the entire project including paying the bills and I might even replace my worn out work shoes and some food. Imagine that...

    I do what I say. There's enough examples of my finished projects to verify that.
  4. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Yes, trust was given more freely in the days of Mother Earth News and Domebook but that does not mean that it was judicious. Today, we are more acutely aware that the world has a fair supply of those who would use and abuse the sheep in their flock. Off the top of my head, I can easily recall the likes of Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, Michael Travesser, Sun Myung Moon, who's devotees were willing to follow them into hell and the list could go on and on. So, we have arrived at a place in time where trust is not given but earned. To expect anything else from a community of people is either enormous innocence or the height of hubris.
  5. Is that to say their is no middleground? Not everyone on the net is a scammer. Not everyone with a heart to draw people together has a cup of comet-tail-kool-aid to hand out. Some have simply looked at it all and concluded that no man is an island and there are likely quite a few decent people out there that might not be so bad to share their land with.

    If one can't trust others, it MIGHT just be they are simply thinking of how THEY would run things. Me? I've been wanting to put together what is essentially an art and science colony for all those years. I'm doing that now. Eventually I'll have a community in a nice mountain area close to a small town that has hospitals, a small airport, spree-decor, even Wal-Mart. I'm blunt about describing it. I'm blunt about describing what I anticipate about Yellowstone and when. My work speaks for itself. In four little words? I have a plan.
  6. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Your statement to Ms Tracy "I would ask you to reverse the scenario and answer the question yourself, but because you might actually be typical, that answer could be different from mine. " did not sit well with me. You are making an assumption regarding a person about whom you have no understanding or knowledge and then asking that trust is bestowed on you when we know nothing more about you than you do about us. Assumptions are sandpaper that chafes.

    There are people in this very forum in who's hands I would trust my life and welfare and I believe they would say the same of me. This trust didn't simply happen but has been built, layer upon layer, over a period of years. I don't really know any members of our community who are interested in following breadcrumbs. We're a pretty cautious group of strong, independent individuals but I wish you luck seeing your plan, or social experiment, come to fruition
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  7. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Doc, no one is accusing you of being a scammer, yet. But there are red flags waving all over pointing in that direction. This the first time you've mentioned existing work as examples (your post 2145.) Yet you've given us no idea where or what these completed projects are. You have, I'm sure, noticed that investments have to show promise besides how hard the inventor is going to work? Brochures take money, yes? So back off from the wide ranging blue sky ideas and start developing one, just one project, that you can point to as a success in a brochure. Until you do that, your hope of raising money to continue will be met with a very healthy skepticism, and no money. As of now, it looks like you have no skin in the game. Get some.
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  8. As for the statement, if you had received exactly the same for years from, as Melbo put it "those who poopoo", you'd just keep on with the smile and change the story to suit the mood? If I was in Tracy's seat, after I just read that the other person with the effort had been through this stuff for 13 years and here I was just giving him more scrutiny when he's obviously had the courage to keep trying, I think I'd expect a cynical response to say the least. I was kind enough to view it as a mere possibility. I'm just as skeptical of renters. One only has to look at what landlords go through to understand the mechanics of the method.

    What I do feel is something I need to do is to work on the page I'm asking people to look at some more. The one thing I'd think just about anyone really hould appreciate is I'm giving the bottom line right up front. I usually find when people beat around the bush, there's a catch. I think I already stated in all of it that it isn't free, but if SHTF, so money's no good, nobody will be told tough luck. Why would that happen when in such a case we'd need all the collective effort available?

    You did look at these?

    As for skin. I refer back to that smile.

    I'm in no rush. The planet and society isn't just going to stop and wait for me to get a prototype. If all goes quick, I'll go quicker. Someone gives me a break, it'll come right back. I do what I say and my work shows it.
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    You have flogged the bush, not just beat around it. Where are the examples of successful completions that you did on your own? What might one expect from an "investment" besides more work by you? Show me a project concept, show me a business plan complete with estimated costs and delivery, and evidence that you are qualified to carry out the work, and I'll start thinking about mailing a check. Get busy, lad, you have a long row to hoe, and I do not mean refining a website without the resume.

    Yes, I looked at that site. Has more questions than answers. Don't ask what we want you to build, you won't live long enough to get it done. Build what you want, then sell it.

    (I'll give you high marks as a mural painter.)
  11. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    You may have suffered from similar questioning for the past 13 years but you have only been a member of our forum for possibly a week. We simply do not know you, do not know your history, your intentions, or your integrity, all of which may be stellar but unknown to us

    My initial reaction is to ask "if you have been pursuing this for that long a period of time without any positive results, why have you continued your quest on the internet instead of face to face with those in your circle of life?" The internet may not have fully matured but it has been a part of our lives long enough for us all to have a healthy mistrust of strangers.
  12. Well, laddie, I am not asking for a check. In fact any of those can be built. Yes they are not complete. They are intended for input from anyone who would want a special accessory. What I was pointing out were examples of welded signage frames, built to BOCA seismic area 8 standards (withstand 80MPH winds) Channel letters, designed, custom built, custom painted, custom installed.

    You are correct. I don't have my resume on that site. In fact I'm building one as a personal exhibit with all that. As I said. I'm in no rush. I have a lot of other work to do along side the sites. My thoughts are if someone wants me to speed things up, they should contribute to that speed. For those 13 years I mentioned MANY people have expected me to work for free. Blame them, if I seem slow. Fast? Click on the grant button. Happy with my available time? Just watch as the passes on the site refine it till what you want as that perfect, professional example shows up.

    As I said. I do what I say I will... and won't do what I say I won't.
  13. I think for now, I'll simply stop justifying. Melbo said essentially "Go for it." I did. I think it might be better just to remove my signature and go back to having some fun bickering about all the things monkeys bicker about...

  14. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Doc (self awarded, but maybe real enough):
    What happened to the wind generator prototype you were going to built back in 2010? Real stuff is far more interesting to us than ideas to be funded.
    (Ref: page 4, your post on 7/2/10)
  15. Lost in repairing leaks in the roof. Also redesigned. When you said that design is impossible to build, you showed that you had no concept of engineering, but especially the reason we use a Blanchard grinder to form large, reasonably flat surfaces. The redesigned wind generator has also given way to a wind turbine. That you should have seen in the structure of that framework on the front page of my site. It is entirely build worthy. Before any of the generator is built, the frame must be built. To ensure the sections mate, one surface to another, properly, I have to build the fixture to grind them, thus a variation of the Blanchard grinder.

    The design changed considerably because, to stay within city height restrictions, the houseboat needs to also have its own "birth canal" and that is a stand alone module that houses the grinder, but also will float should those water levels truly rise above 820 feet. I have A LOT of bases to cover, so that grant you erroneously labeled as "blue sky" just makes it all go faster because I can get the leaks fixed faster, the grinder built faster, the materials mostly.

    I actually have succeeeded in some other auxiliary power generating sources that back up the system when the wind isn't blowing. It ues the heat of the sun or the heat of a fireplace to charge a Trolling Motor to full capacity in a couple days. I have ten of them on my roof, but it's growing colder now, so output is zip. Ultimately though? I'll use Hawking radiation to make all of them unnecessary. Grants are exactly that. They are someone who has the spare cash giving the guy with the spare ideas and skills a hand up to deliver the brainchild instead of harassing him which isn't much different than punching a woman's baby bump full force.

    Thirteen years of those punches? False hope promises from people who wave Vegas wads and carrots on a stick? Sure I have a nasty attitude. I only want people who can grasp the idea quickly to click on the grant button because they sense I'm a for real dude, regardless of my political favorite. Like I said I do, as I have always, what I say I will and won't do what i say I won't. If I screw up my title goes bye bye if that's the worst hat happens.

    My skin's been bruised and beaten. Flogged far more than that idiot's bush. It's a miracle that I even try any more. In a few years I'll collect my SS. I'll have my house paid off and my bank has already promised me a loan against it, next year if I so desire. Anything in the way of a grant just makes things happen faster, but even though I do it all on my own at a snail's pace, in a few years, should the grid go down, I'll be able to provide power for a handful of my neighbors. Don't you think they'd be up in arms to protect that if say some 1%ers decided they had the right to take it?
  16. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    No concept of engineering? Hm. Now I have to wonder about that earned BSME hanging on my wall along with licensure in 2 states

    Charging a trolling motor? Hm. That also raises a question in my not necessarily logical skull. Motors USE charge, not store it. Or, if I've misunderstood your English and the trolling motor is NOT on the roof, then what are you using to collect the sun's energy, thermionic diodes? Or, if I got it right, why are 10 trolling motors on the roof?

    Blanchard grinding of panels? Hm. Pretty pricey alternative to rolled sheets, cut to fit. Not to mention the question of why you need it in the "houseboat" that isn't even off the sketch board.

    Hawking radiation? Even I know that is not doable on the scale you have in mind unless you have a plan to capture and contain a black hole.

    Grants? They take application to funding agencies, not pleas for funds from the general public, that might be better called investments. Which, as noted above, require planning and evidence of ability to produce. (And quite possibly SEC filings. Or as a minimum, obtaining an IRS registration as a charitable entity.)

    Wind generator project? Given way to a wind turbine project that will use the turbine to drive what? Sounds like an excuse for no progress.

    13 years? Methinks you'll see a few more before you settle in on SS unless you come up with something concrete.


    Now, unless the sun or Yellowstone go all Krav Maga (yes, I know that's a defensive martial art) on us, your lifeboat isn't going to be very useful without a lot more development. I dare say you can ignore building codes, if the water gets that high, it'll float up, not have to navigate city streets. I see that as another excuse for no progress.


    Doc, it has just become my mission to poke holes in your wishful thinking and promulgation of excuses. That being so, I'll disconnect myself from all moderator and admin functions pertaining to you and your postings. Please be very careful that another of staff doesn't find you to be a scammer or spammer, or your privileges on this site might just be terminated. It won't be me that does it, but very well could happen given your continuous pleas for money and offering of excuses for why you have nothing significant to offer beyond murals, if indeed you did them yourself.

    By the way, I'll give you full marks for that ladder dealybop. However, I sure hope you have a way to lift it into place. I'd hate to have to manhandle it up the ladder.

    Note to mods/admins: might be a good idea to take this series of posts from this thread and making it another. Just occurred to me that we could be putting off some others that are uninterested in it. Since I've sworn off actions at that level, I can't in all good conscience do it.
  17. Whoops. Meant battery. I'd have thought that would have been an obvious omission unintended.

    I did not say panels, I said sections.

    You must not be familiar with more recent findings at Brookhaven. Black holes need not be massive. Beyond that, as I've said, some technology is sensitive.

    Are you really that weak?


    I must say your poking of the beat up skin and punching the baby bump is inspiring. Nunquam illegitimus carborundum.

    I suggest you start practicing these words "Glub, Glub!" an alternative? "Did someone turn that #!!#*! thermostat up again? [shtf] Of course there's these guys... [chopper]

    And yeah.. I thought this was bad for an intro thread. After this last response, though, I'd think it's all a waste of time, other than to discuss the mechanics of Yellowstone and why I predict 5 to 10 years till it cracks open a bit wider and starts producing new tributaries heading into the lowland basin areas. How quick depends much on the next jump forward of acceleration of the magnetic poles toward the North. Of course I'm pretty much done with the redundant typing.[sniper66]

    Read more:

    Read more:
  18. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Whoops. Meant battery. I'd have thought that would have been an obvious omission unintended.
    And yet you try and sell me that you are precise. 10 batteries on the roof, then, and still no indication of what you use to collect energy.

    I did not say panels, I said sections.
    Immaterial, panels or sections, unless there is a difference as described. The grinder is not a trivial bit of equipment.

    You must not be familiar with more recent findings at Brookhaven. Black holes need not be massive. Beyond that, as I've said, some technology is sensitive.
    It happens, I'm aware of that. You still need to capture and confine one. Sensitive in what way, or is that another way of saying it's a work in progress?

    Are you really that weak?
    At my age, youngster, I'm entitled to find easier ways than wrastle things around. Had you considered a manlift rental instead of doing a bit of carpentry (that requires no great feat of engineering) you might have saved the time and material, and possibly even cost less in the end.

    I must say your poking of the beat up skin and punching the baby bump is inspiring. Nunquam illegitimus carborundum.
    If you have no desire to be poked, take cover. Are you pregnant?

    I suggest you start practicing these words "Glub, Glub!" an alternative? "Did someone turn that #!!#*! thermostat up again? [shtf] Of course there's these guys... [chopper]
    Yep. And, if as you stated the water is going to 800+ asl, I'm still on dry ground. (Even if it doubles that depth, my feet stay dry and my septic tank still works.) There will be no escape from the heat. Your ten batteries won't run an a/c plant very long. You might be ahead of the game if you can develop cold fusion. (But don't look here for funding.)

    After this last response, though, I'd think it's all a waste of time,
    That part, you got right.
    other than to discuss the mechanics of Yellowstone
    I still don't see how your lifeboat will be of any benefit. The tributaries you mention will not be of water.
    Of course I'm pretty much done with the redundant typing.[sniper66]

    Besides that, you need to spend less time typing out yammer and start on one or another of these projects.
  19. Youngster? Music to my ears. I suddenly realized that diploma you boast came from your bubble-jet or maybe a pterosaur's beak carving on a piece of sandstone. You have no concept of how long art or prototype efforts take. If you were the one paying for my work, you'd have been grateful for my ingenuity. Not only were the areas around the electric wires inaccessible from a lift, the entire project's cost would have quadrupled. Ingenuity? That is obviously something you lack.

    Please, please, please don't ever click that grant button. I don't want to be responsible for some decrepit fellow having a coronary when the work actually happens or at the very least someone has to ship you a truck load of crow for dinner.

    It really is a very well designed Menningerian plan you have, though. If enough people are deterred from your high and mighty place by convincing them to stay away from the pod idea, thus sending them to their graves along with their families, you'll be the last man standing. Of course the reason I didn't want to go much over the 1000 FAMSL is because of added mass, structural age and the likelihood of fault line shearing that could cause the higher mountains closer to the oceans to slide down like a card house. It still ends up a "Glub! Glub!" or a "Fire on the mountain" situation.

    Unlike you, I haven't chosen the perfect location just yet. I'm sure you are okay. All is well. Go back to shleep.

    That Tracy gal who got this going? She may have come here through that link around the pod site.

    Read more:
  20. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Close, but no cigar. Suffice it to say that bubble jet printers weren't yet invented and pterosaurs were long gone when I earned it. It's not a boast, simply a statement of fact in response to your silly idea that I have no concept of engineering.

    So far as pods go, the idea is nothing new, it's the implementation that has you fuddled. Ideas are a dime a dozen, and common enough. You need to build one before you can sell it, customized or not.
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