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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by bpaintx, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I am considering getting into the HAM arena. My question is how useful / viable are dual vs tri vs quad band radios, specifically handhelds such as the Yaesu FT60R, VX-6R, VX-8R. I am primarily looking for an emergency use system, not for day to day conversation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You might want to look at the latest Chinese Dual BAND STUFF, just now hitting the US Market. These seem to be getting good reviews, and are very small and light, but with good Battery Life. Would make GREAT B-O-B Comm Units, and some are even Part 90 Type Accepted, so they are legal on Business, GMRS, and Ham bands.


    Wouxun Radios: Powerwerx is the exclusive distributor for the Wouxun KG-UV3D dual band handheld. Wouxun produces high quality ham radio and commercial handheld two way radios. Powerwerx stocks a complete line of accessories.

    V: 136-174, U: 420-520 MHz V: 144-148, U: 420-450 MHz KG-UV3D-2/420-520 In Stock $119.99

    I also saw, a few days ago, some Chinese Dual Band HTs. that were in the $50-$70US each, range.... but
    I can't seem to find the Place where they were advertised again... I will keep looking...

    ..... YMMV.....
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    409 shop

    409 Shop in HK has the killer prices and they ship direct to the US. YOu may have issues with warranty work tho...
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    I think the most pertinent question is, "What bands will be the most useful after SHTF?" I'm sure they won't be the same as the more frequently used ham bands under normal conditions like now.
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    Close Ghrit.... The real Question is, and has always been, Who, or Where, do you need to Communicate with? Once that is established the the right Bands, and Emissions, can be tailored to fit the Wanted Comms. Define the Who, and Where, and the rest falls into place, pretty simply. .... YMMV....
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    Coast to coast should cover it.
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    Then you Go Here: IPS - Global HF - Hourly HAP Charts

    Find the nearest City to your location, then hit Display.....
    When the Map Loads, Pick the Band that gets you coverage
    in the area you need to talk to....

    This Map is updated Hourly, and is very good for picking Bands
    for Specific Comm Links....

    .... YMMV....
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  8. ghrit

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    Hm. 10 thru 40 meters might cover it.
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    Pink Floyd; works every time!
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    So you guys are sayin my white face Johnson and Texstar 250 ain't goodunuff any more?
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    Haven't Been Good for serious Comms, for more than 3 Decades. Unless you only want to have effective Comms for 30 Miles, and the Band doesn't Open on top of you, and takes out all the local Comms.... ..... YMMV....
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    I don't think the Johnson would switch between rx and tx fast enough for digi use either...(even if it was legal)
  13. BTPost

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    Found the chinese Tiny DualBand HTs that are Part 90 Type Accepted, and Wideband Tx/Rx....


    Less than $80US ea. last I heard.
  14. oldawg

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    I was really just jerkin BTs chain. I upgraded to a black face long ago. Now if I just had crystals............
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    I really like my VX-6. But I really only use the 2 meter band. Good to have the others available.
  16. Tikka

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    I have a pair of nippers to snip a diode which converts my rig to a general coverage transceiver.

    Currently the tuner would see high voltage on 160 or lower; however, within a few months I'll have better low band antennas.
  17. Suerto

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    Subbed again..
    Thanks for all the good info guys..

    Me and da boy plan on getting into this as well, after the move..

    I kinda half heartedly did a while back by picking up a yusea mobile that was modded, just to listen to chatter around the city, and then they went to a digital trunk line..
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    Well, I order a pair of these today with the Programing Cable and Freight, it came to just about $100US for the whole shebang... When they get here, I will get them setup, and Field Test them, and write up a Report for the MOnkeys to look at. 99 Channels, So some will be FRS/GMRS Frequencies, some Ham Frequencies, some Marine Frequencies, a few of the Business Radio Frequencies, and the local Public Safety and EMS Frequencies, all in one tiny radio. It will be interesting to see who well they work, in each Frequency Group. ...... YMMV.....
  19. BTPost

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    Chinese DualBand VHF/UHF HT's.... First Look

    They arrived on the Mail Plane, today.... First Look says, they work as advertised. The come with a Lithium Battery, that can be charged with from either a 120Vac WallWart to USB Port, or directly from a USB Port, or USB Port charger. Nice idea for Universal Charging, in the field. TX audio is a little Hot, but they make a solid 2 watts, into my Test Rig. Receiver is .25 uv for a solid 20db of Quieting. I looked at the RF Spectrum, and there a few minor spikes, but they are all down at least 60db, or better. I played with the Remote Audio EarBud/Mic/PTT that comes with them, and that makes these very nice for silent Squad Comms, type operations. The size is very similar to the Motorola i560 SECURE FlipPhones, that I have been using. I haven't gotten to the Programming Software and much of the setup, yet, but will update this post when more data is available.

    So far for $50US, these seem to be a very nice little addition to the Local AoO Comms Hardware for around BT's place.

    Things to check out yet:
    1. Programming in some MURS, Marine, Business, and Public Safety , Frequencies, and see how that goes...
    2 Program in the GMRS/FRS UHF Frequencies and see how well these interoperate with those Units.
    3. Setup Scanning of channels, and see if that will make a good Monitor for local AoO Ops.

    If you have interest, watch for further Updates.
    D-Band HT1. D-BandHT2.
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    I am very interested to hear your review of these. This is something I have been waiting for for a long time! I have had a mobile unit in the truck but I have really wanted some handhelds to bring on excursions and the part90 is really great since a lot of people I find myself with use GMRS/FRS radios.
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