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    -- Among the discretionary punishments authorized to Georgia judges is banishing an offender from the county in which he committed the crime. Complained driver Ricardo Riley (who as of February is barred from Walton County), "I didn't commit no murder, I'm not a sex offender, I'm not a criminal. I just got a speeding ticket." Judge Brad Brownlow, perhaps irritated at Riley's request to reduce the original $250 fine, instead piled on punishments -- including banishment. Walton County is just outside the Atlanta metro area, and Riley, from adjacent Gwinnett County, has friends and co-workers who live in Walton -- but whom he can no longer visit. [WSB-TV (Atlanta), 2-6-2014]

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    Yeah, the judiciary in this country has been a Greek Tragedy since the late 1930's. With the socialist takeover also came hired henchmen, and judges are perfectly suited to the task.
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    I can think of a few folks who could be banished from the county without causing any sadness here..
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    I like it with certain reservations.
    1. I think there is more to the story.
    2. Send all the illegals to this county.
    3.Certain politicians should join the process.

    Feel free to add to my list.
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    Had to be. He must have had a long record of offenses or really ticked off the judge.
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    My only type of such an event was the "No longer to have the privlage of driving in VA unill I took the state test" letter via tugboat delivery.

    Never mind that Hampton had the most corrupt cops and a lot of the other High Brow areas did not like the Mil that kept them in business.

    Such a punshiment was fine with me since I received the notice while thousands of miles away in Spain. Fine place VA, pretty and most folks are easy to get along with, well except some judges and cops.

    I guess my excesssive noise?, contest of speed and the final "Reckless driving" , this of doing 25MPH over the listed 15MPH in a deserted beach road at 2am punched my ticket. Never mind that the Cop blasted up on me with only lights on high and then wanted to ride up the tail pipe of my 700cc Indian.

    Just lucky that I had Orders and the travel money to pay the fine that night when they woke up a Judge. The opening scenes of Heart Break Ridge always come to mind when I think of Hampton,Va.

    Some things never change!

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