Bank trojans on Android plus plus

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sec_monkey, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. sec_monkey

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  2. oil pan 4

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    Damn I'm on 6.0.1
    But I don't use banking apps.
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  3. sec_monkey

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    they are targeting mostly banking and financial apps, however they are also using the exploits for other purposes and this exploit can be used for other apps too.

    older versions are also also vulnerable to this and other exploits.

    and windoze and other platforms like apple are vulnerable too.

    it is best not to use any banking or financial apps on a phone of any kind if ya can avoid it and anything that runs windoze.
  4. Bandit99

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    I don't use my phone for anything but calls and text messaging. It's hard enough keeping my desktop secure. Believe it or not, I turn off everything on my phone, Data, Bluetooth, and all the apps, everything... Why? Phones are so tightly integrated that it's really hard to get a handle on them - I mean - you never seem to know exactly what they are doing and how they are interacting with other apps or services and I don't like being out of control. I definitely use no apps to pay/buy anything or even to access any accounts. In fact, I don't use any apps besides a calculator.

    I know in a modern world this wouldn't appease most folks but I have only one point of security to worry about - my desktop. I take every caution possible to ensure it's secure, this includes leaving no passwords on it, personal data or etc. I know this wouldn't suffice for most people but works for me quite well.

    Hell, I am only on one Forum - well - two now as have an account on Monkey2 as well.

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