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    Old "News" being recycled. This post was from a few years ago or very similar to an earlier post IIRC.

    but yes, there are plenty out there that want to end the dollars hegemony.
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  2. The Federal Reserve is what will fracture this country.
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    I realize that there are many high interest topics in this coming election candidates (besides Ron Paul, don't thing Rand said anything) ever talks about doing away with the Fed. We have to borrow our own money and pay interest on it? How ridiculous! I remember years ago when I first found out about this I thought I must have read things incorrectly and dug was then I started waking up to what is really happening and how the American people are used to squeeze every drop of blood, sweat and tears (to steal a phrase) out of them.
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    you may well be right, but it's just too hard to get many people to get it. I think the same way about the 17th Amendment, but I've given up trying to get through to people, it just isn't going to happen if they start out with so little interest (the way they do about the Fed).
    So you have to trick them. Put them onto something they can care about that accidentally serves a higher purpose.
    This is the way that can work, to hijack a party and get something right out of it. No third party can ever succeed because there are too many people who vote but who will never hear about your cause.
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    This is the best explanation of Money and other topics.
    some markers
    35:00 Free Energy
    43:19 Follow the Money basic banking and finance
    1:09:00 World Domination

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