BaoFeng BF-F9 V2+ Impressions

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Salted Weapon, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Salted Weapon

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    I purchased two of these about a week ago. Its seems based on size, look and feel of the UV-5R.
    I like the additions and adjustments up to 8watts but seems an antenna upgrade will accomplish better
    results them having 8watts. That will be the next purchase. The radio cam with ear piece, clip, base chargers and booklet. The booklet compared to online information is useless as there are some great groups and video out there that are helpful. I bought programming kit extra because the radio is useless with out it.
    The base charge units powersupply was DOA but I had a 9v 500ma that works just about as fast on recharging.
    I decided to do a review on what I thought of the radio rather then repeat the billion tech reports that are out there.
    First impressions wow this thing is small, I expected it to be slightly larger, but in reality is not much bigger then a FMR radio just slightly. Its easy to read and you can change colors on anything including the nifty led flashlight. I particularly like this option as my other emergency ( rec) radio has one and I at first thought thats odd until I needed a flashlight and there it was. Its not a needed option but may be of some use. The speaker is clean and crisp no issues hearing. When compared to my police scanner it was very close. Programming was tricky at first but thanks to a couple Monkeys I figured it out. I paid about 50.00 for it.I could have got a UV-5R for 28.00 but after thinking long term
    I went with the more bells and whistles. The awesome thing about this radio and most like it by Baofeng is you can upgrade everything from software, battery, antenna , cases lots of stuff.

    I know there are better brands and more expensive as well one can by. But for an entrance user or emergency back up this is a good radio it feels solid and does not feel like it would just fall apart .

    Takes a license but of course most already know that. I am taking my test soon.
    Ordered a book on Amazon, book. . Well should be fun.

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  2. DarkLight

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    I picked up one of these a little over a year ago and really like it. Got a replacement antenna and the extra large battery at the same time. No issues with either and you are right... the antenna upgrade is well worth the $10-15.
  3. Altoidfishfins

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    Technician Ham License is worth the effort. Not too much needed in the way of technical skills and no more code requirement.
  4. Glenn

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    BF F9V2+ what would a good upgrades on antenna and batteries
  5. Andy the Aussie

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    I have several of the UV-5Rs and they are great radios for the $$s.
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