"Barack Obama Is Not a Christian"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Interesting column:

    Barack Obama Is Not aChristian

    By Cal Thomas
    Syndicated columnist/FOX News Contributor
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    Well, look what the last 2 centuries of christians in the White House has gotten us.

    If Cal Thomas is going to define God in a very narrow view “No one comes to the Father except through me.” Then myself and many others on this board are damned. It's too bad some folks hang on this dogmatic crap.


    If Mr. Thomas is going to define being a "Christian" as one who lives by the bible, then I don't believe I've ever met one.
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    Welcome Back Black Jack, Im glad you could make it.[ROFL]
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    First response:

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    I didn't see anywhere in the article where it said he was going to vote for the Big O.

    His comments on #1 Myth and the tone of his writing thereabout would make one believe he would not vote for the Big O.

    Discounting myths is one thing and based upon Glenn's very anti-communist beliefs and support for a free market economy, I would like to see the video or written article by him stating he would vote for the Big O.
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    Fundamental theological lesson: Christians are those who follow the teachings of Christ. Christian teachings are those found in the New Testament. Unfortunately, the majority of "Christians" also claim the teachings of Judaism (wow, a different religion altogether!) as found in the Old Testament, even though they are NOT the teaching or "words" of Christ.

    See the problem? You may think it is semantics, and it is to a point. But if you want to play in the sandbox, you can't choose which grains of sand your friends touch if you wish to employ the whole sandbox as play area. If you wish to include others' religious doctrine in your religion, then claim them all, not just the really convenient ones at the moment to 'prove' whatever point you're trying to bang into people's heads.

    So now (the generic) we are trying to decide whether Obama is a "real" Christian. His father was a Muslim, therefore he is suspect. He apparently cannot converse exhaustively in doctrinal verses and conventions at the drop of a pin. Well, you know what? Most Christians can only recite that which their preachers have drilled into their heads! Unfortunately his former pastor is a radical racist who really does need several new tinfoil beanies and good shock therapy.
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