Barrett Long Range Basics

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    Barrett Long Range Basics <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I just got done with Barrett Long Range Basics in Raton New Mexico.

    Jay: Former Marine Sniper/SOTG instructor, with an extensive background as a Contractor.

    Recieved a Rifle team Collage Scholorship, worked with the US Olympic team, various Police sniper units...

    Don: Former USMC match armorer, worked for Barrett for 12-13 years...

    The first day was the Armorer portion, taght by Don. Don's a great guy and what he doesn't know about the barrett... doesn't need to be known.

    2nd Day: After a Brief lecture it was off to the range,
    300, 500, 600 Yardlines.
    I kept it within 3 MOA (It's a 2 MOA rifle) excepting one flyer at the 500 and one at the 600.

    -The wind here is STRONG and comes in gusts, that is why they have the .50 nationals here.

    3rd Day:
    800, 900 and 1,000.
    Kept it within the 3MOA at the 800,
    at the 900 we were dealing with some serious (Over 20MPH) winds and snow...
    My first shot was off the paper. (Despite calculating and adjusting for wind before shooting) got in the 8 ring by the 4th shot, 5-6 were in the 9 ring, and the last 4 were in the ten ring with one in the X (~10 inches at 900 Yards!)
    1,000 meters we know it was over 25 MPH because that's when the Castural (SP?) windmeter blew OFF the table.[​IMG]
    Gusts over 40 MPH.
    I was ~ 3.5 MOA (IT'S HARD to read wind... and here atleast you have several different winds...)

    THen I shot another 10 rounds at 1,000 to practice bucking the wind... I shoulda stoped, but it was REALLY bad by then.

    I learned:
    Putting a little force into your 'trigger hand' helps you get back on target... that one that was off the paper... they didn't see it, but I got back on target (With a .50BMG mind you) fast enough to see the strike...
    Reading wind... that will be an ongoing process...

    And that you don't want to use the Max power of the scope. I'm using a 4.5x14.50, and at 800 I kept it on 8 and at 1,000 I only had it on 11.
    (Works better, less movement.)

    FYI: You can rent guns for the class for $100
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    I believe I have seen that class on TV, it looks like a lot of fun. 1000 yds. sure is a long ways.

    Did you take any pics for us?
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    Nomad you really make me jealous. You get to have all the fun.
    I bought my .50 just so I could compete at the Raton FCSA matches. But to date my work schedule hasn't allowed me to be there.
    I am hoping to make the next Southern Fifty Caliber Shooters Association meet in Waco,Tx. Between the two of them I should be able to make one.
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    Nomad, I always love your pictorials. Do you have any of this event that you can post perhaps? You gotta train us now you know.
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    I just got back after the 5 day tactical shoot.

    I can now hit a 40 inch by 40 inch target on a mountainside over a mile away.

    I have a bunch of pix, but if you know my pictorals... you know how it is with me and computers....

    I'll try tomorrow and/or post some on the minion.
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    That is cool, I could probably hit the mountain.....[lolol]
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    Can you post a link to the minion Nomad?
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