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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Nomad 2nd, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Nomad 2nd

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    I know the instructors... Good training, and the winds there make it VERY chalenging.

    If you can do it there (And you can) you can take the shot anywhere.

    (IIRC it includes ammo, and so is a STEAL!)

    Believe you need your own rifle though.

    I can check if needed.

    (It's on my list, but I have another precision class on my list first)
  2. melbo

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    Sold my Barretts earlier this year and then dumped 6000 rounds of assorted 50 BMG including some Barrett/IMI Match Grade. Made me sick to see them go although they all went locally.

    We used to shoot from mountaintop to mountaintop at about 1.7 miles. That was fun.
  3. Nomad 2nd

    Nomad 2nd Monkey+++

    I've only got about 750 rounds and a couple 100 more of brass for mine.

    And at ammo prices I think that's all the loaded ammo I'm gonna get.

    I DO get to play with them occasionally thanks to buddies of mine, and Barrett needing Guenie pigs...
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