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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by 5artist5, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Dont know what percentage of the economy is underground, but I do know its growing. At least the goberment hasnt figured out how to tax the work you do for yourself
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    I found this thread thru google.
    I run a barter web site.
    You might want to check it out.
    I belong to a national group that combines almost 200 local barter exchanges around the USA so we can all barter with each other.
    Very low fees. No long term commintment and no fees to join.

    Thank you.
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    And there is the crux of problem with this business model....fees. ...way to many free sites for this to be viable.

    ...and, just my opinion, but you should probably get to know folks first before you try and sell 'um somthin'.
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    Pardon Me.
    I'm pretty knowledgeable about barter but not about posting. If there are that many free barter sites would you be willing to share some urls?
    I've run across a couple myself but the hangup is you have to have what the other guy wants or you can't make the trade.
    With a more formal site like mine your goods or services gets you credits that you use like cash to buy anything in the barter store. Because we are a group of 200 exchanges nationally you can usually find what you want.
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    Man there are a ton of one liner jokes that I could throw out here for this one, but the writer actually touches on a really good point. I know that a lot of people believe that gold and silver are good investments for the future. Personally I tend to think that silver would be better than gold. But I also believe that Tools and a person's skill set that could be traded for items will eventually be worth even more than silver or gold in the long run... Think about it, people with a tangible skilled trade have always been in demand. Masons, plumbers, carpenters, doctors, soldiers, etc. Commerce never quits, history and third world countries around the globe have shown us that for sure. What good will a gold coin do you if no one you know has any way to make change? how will you use that at the local market? While I personally don't think we will see all out economic collapse anytime soon. I do personally invest my money in tools, gear, guns, ammo, etc. Tangible items that I can use to earn a living even when we are wiping our backside with good ole George. I don't talk about too many political subjects on my person blog, but I do talk about ways to prepare for tough times. I mostly touch on wilderness survival and bushcraft techniques since I was previously a USAF Survival instructor and I find it to be good old fashioned, get your hands dirty fun! And who knows the skills I present on YouTube Videos and my blog posts, may someday prove to be worth while for someone at some point in the distant future.

    I don't know any sites that offer barter services specifically, but I have seen a barter section on craigslist on occasion. I think it is under the services section but not for sure. Excellent topic, I would be curious in knowing if anyone comes up with any good barter sites as well. Cheers JJ
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    Hi I checked out ths site. They are currently in Alpha Testing and the site is currently free to use. However, when then they go live in a month or two there will be a charge for premium access.

    Unless you are doing informal trade between 2 people it's kinda tough to run a barter site without fees or ads or both.
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    Barter Ray. The true crux of the issue is the 'FEE' true barter does not involve a fee.

    I know that setting up and hosting an exchange involves cost on your part but barter participants will want to trade what they have for something someone else has. No Cash/credits or fees involved.

    Otherwise it's just eBayesque or a shopping site. The exchange is a middleman / money changer. We've been there done that.

    I'm not thumping on your plan, just saying that if i have 2 dozen eggs I want to trade for a couple pounds of potatoes. I want to trade even up. And i'm probably going to do it with a neighbor that i trust and not someone 6 states away.
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    Ray, you may have noticed that your original post was moved to the SM BST subforum as a more appropriate area for your barter activity. It is worth pointing out the notice at the top of the page, which you didn't see before you posted.

    It's also, if you'll pardon our bluntness, your unfamiliarity with forum posting has done you no favors. It is usually considered crass for a first post to be self serving, you need to establish credibility. Read first, post second, and make sure it's in the right area of the website. There is a way for you to get formal recognition of your commercial activities, just contact melbo via the address in "contact us" at the bottom of the page.

    You are welcome to hang around, read and post in areas you either want to learn about or know about until your creds have been established.

    Further communication related to your enterprise would best be via PM to any of the admins.
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    I'm pushing 60 and I've done my share of direct trades in my life. They can be a beautiful thing. I've got nothing against that idea.

    But if you want to trade something beyond the 2 dozen eggs it's hard to do that without something a little more formal.

    Just consider this site. It has a donate button at the top. Even our leader needs to pay the bills every now and then and that takes cash.

    Formal barter sites like mine do the same thing. We collect a fee to fund the operations and (hopefully) make a few bucks in the process.
  10. Gator 45/70

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    I barter local...But then again i'm a hands on type of guy...
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    The difference is that a donation to SM is voluntary. You are (or will be, as you say) requiring fees to participate. That's a completely different business plan.

    Now,I'm older than you, and have also paid my dues above the grass line. I've acquired the bad habit of short temperedness. Therefore, I'm going to siddown and shuddup unless my goat gets got worse and I give you an unseemly vacation from the site. Other mods or admins may get involved, be guided accordingly.
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    Post SHTF plans deeply involve bartering. The mechanic/welding/cutting/machines/ and wrecker type work should keep me busy. During the depression my grandfather moved houses and did carpentry work. He was often paid off with hams/chickens/ livestock/ and or money for his services. IMO, the fiat money will be useless other than for toilet paper or pasting on walls-- that leaves your skills/talents/ abilities to work with for trading. If you have no skills then get busy and develop what will surely be needed. Like another said--prepare to get your hands dirty.
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    running a website is not free, and the service of bringing buyer and seller together is not something I would want to do for free. Does the landlord of a market get paid for your stall?

    Anyway it seems like all you'd have to do is price your goods or services in silver. Trade your goods worth x for his services worth x plus or minus some silver change. If he doesn't have silver then just take FRNs and buy silver. There ought to be a way to do that in the existing sites with some kind of 'identifier' marking yourself as a trader. Wouldn't have to be official.

    The big problem with barter not involving money of course is it's going to be fairly rare that you need what he has to pay with, and also be close enough to use it. There's nothing wrong with using money, just make it real money and all is good.
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