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    That kind of thing starts happening here . . . the .gov will make it against the law because they don't get anything to go in their purse.
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    thank you for the thread....such systems are very much like consumer / social cooperatives, that offer viable alternatives to corporate capitalism. Cooperative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There is a systematic method of community bartering of goods and services called L.E.T.S. (Local Exchange Trading System) that operates in a number of Australian communities (and, communities around the world) Local exchange trading system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    LETS (Local Energy Transfer System) Nambour is going online

    Frequently Asked Questions about LETSystems

    L.E.T.S. works something like a FRNless version of ebay, using a community "currency" instead of federal reserve notes.

    The LETSystem Design Manual
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    Silly CATO... Bartering value is taxable by the IRS. Find out more in Publication 525, or just fill out Form 1099-B :)
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    Right . . . but, it is not really enforced and no one really admits to doing it. If bartering got so widespread that the .gov started to feel the pain from decreased tax revenue because everyone is bartering, the .gove would do something about.
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    Barter ? Is that some kind of sauce that you dip your shrimp in.
    If it is it's Most Bon !!!
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