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    Shootin's fun,but i like to eat more.:

    Words to live by !!

    Been a busy little beaver this past year.....I feel like a yellow jacket about late fall, (except been feeling it for a year or so).....they get plumb frantic knowing winter is coming and most ain't gonna make it to see spring, but they gotta keep the hive spill a can of soda, or leave a scrap of meat out, and they are ALL over it.....nothing like the lazy summer days.....

    Root Cellar Project:

    I had a guy up here on a trackhoe last fall, doing some clearing for my solar install, and while he was here, I got him to dig me out a place for a root cellar on the end wall of my garage.....the garage is built into the mountain on that end, and we ran into some really tough shale there originally, but his trackhoe managed to rip it out and get me an 8x10 space in there.

    Used a Sthil chop saw to cut a hole in the block wall into the new space, then hand poured a footer, and laid up block...then capped the top with a 6" concrete top while I had the guys here with a concrete pump ( and filled the block solid )....covered with a couple feet of dirt, installed a vent system similar to the Mother Earth article, and it stays nice and cool now. Good place for taters and canned jars of stuff.....


    Temp timbers to support concrete roof til it cured....



    Ready to pour:


    Pic inside finished with shelving/lights

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    Andy you did a fantastic job on that project!
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