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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by mtscott, May 11, 2010.

  1. mtscott

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    I am looking for any feed back on basic 22lr bolt guns. I have been looking at some of the CZ guns. I would like to find a mid priced, accurate rifle with functional iron sights. Any input would be appreciated. Also ammo preferences would be useful.

    - Scott
  2. XR750

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    I have had good luck with Marlin .22 WRM bolt guns
  3. NVBeav

    NVBeav Monkey+++

    Savage Mark II G/GL .22 cal w/ AccuTrigger might be something to look at. My big kick recently has been having a decent trigger because it really helps. They're $233 retail.
  4. Tango3

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    CZ's;'are nicely finished adult sized and have very good reviews for around $400, kimbers are top at twice the price ocasionally you can find an anschutz in the pawn shop racks. Savage's accutrigger has recveived a great writeup in field and stream or outdoor life.

    I kinda like the Remington 5 adult sized bolt, looks lik an ADL, hooded front sight, it has a metal trigger guard and is an eastern european import. Any of the precvious provide a quality versatile rifle to hand down through generations.
    around $350 at Gander mtn here..
  5. jungatheart

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    My CZ452 Ultra Lux is my go to gun. If you get the one with the long barrel and run some subsonic ammo through it, it's whisper quiet. It's one of the most consistently accurate guns I've had.
  6. Seacowboys

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    I am partial to the Ruger 77-22.
  7. K.AR-15

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    i have nothing helpful to add as far a bolt action .22s are conerned other than that i learned to shoot on a H&R single shot bolt action with a broken claw extractor.

    my dad traded off a goat we didn't want anymore for it(it was kinda my goat iirc, we didn't have a dog so it was like a pet to me). i was about 4-5y/o when he decided to get rid of the goat and i started shooting shortly there after. he got the H&R and $50 for the cantankerous damned thing. i think it was a great trade, my sister also learned to shoot with that H&R, chances are we will fight over that gun more than anyother item when my father passes away...

    how do you feel about semiautos? [peep]
    i'm just not a bolt gun guy anymore(other than the one afore mention gun) and am absolutelly convined that out of all the money i've spent on a fair collection of "assault type rifles"(mostly ARs) the absolute best $200 out of the whole shooting match was for my CMMG .22LR conversion kit for my ARs. the POA/POI is dead on for me out of my 1:9 16" recce(i know wrong barrel twist) style build with a TA31F ACOG while using the conversion unit. at 150yds with the .22 kit the 500 yd 5.56 BDC hashmark is just about perfect. the manual of arms/operation is exactly the same(exept you do loose use of the BHO and an not run mag change drills with the conversion unit). and IMHO it makes a great training aid, introdution to semi-auto teaching gun, plinker, and all around decent game getting post SHTF survival shooter... i keep the conversion kit in my BOB along with about 250 rounds of .22LR, and feel that it gives me a lot of extra options should i have to grab my rifle(AR) and my bag and run for some reason...

  8. coinshooter

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    Cz makes a 512 or 513 can't remember which that is plainer but very accurate. Second pick would be the savage.
  9. illbfrank

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    You can't go wrong with the Savage Accu Trigger, the CZ, the Kimber, or a good Remington, but I went with an Anshutz with a Leupold fixed 4 power scope. It'll shoot a sparrow's eye out at 50 meters. It's a great small game getter, target rifle, and with SSS ammo, all you hear is the hammer fall. This can be very useful for neighbors who refuse to keep their gamecocks in the coop, or their pit bull dogs on a chain. Aguila also makes a 22 with a 60 grain projectile. It has the brass of a 22 short, but it is as long as a long rifle due to the length of the lead. These are fairly quiet too, but at reasonable ranges, they pack a wallop. Very useful in a survival scenario when stealth is required, but DRT in needed.
  10. Seawolf1090

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    I'm a believer in the Marlin line - I own nine different models. ALL are excellent shooters. The newer 900 series have a much improved trigger.
    The Savage is a good rifle, but the magazine placement is clumsy on some bench rests - too far forwards. Still, my old vintage Stevens 416 target rifle is one of my favorites. Wish they still made it. It uses the current Savage magazine.
    I have two Chinese Norinco .22 rifles that are clones of the BRNO/CZ action, and even take the same magazine - basically a CZ for half the money - sadly NOT importable anymore. If I ever luck into a good deal on a CZ, I'll snatch it up!
    The Ruger 77-22 looks fine, but it's reputation is spotty - folks either swear by it or at it.
  11. RichB69

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    I had a new Savage bolt action from Walmart. I fired a few rounds at the range and it was lousy a real cheap piece. IMO I now have a 10/22 Ruger this is my second one and I really like it. Years ago I had a Marlin bolt action and it was a nice rifle.

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